Common Mobility Issues and How to Overcome Them


Mobility issues are part and parcel of life. At some point, they happen to everyone. The trick is that you handle them quickly and efficiently – this way, you remain in control.

As might be expected, some mobility issues are more common than others. This article is going to take a look at the most common ones followed by a solution that will enable you to overcome them.

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As people enter their 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, walking is no longer as easy as it used to be. Those long walks uphill can suddenly seem like a challenge, whilst even going to the local shop can leave you with the occasional ache or pain.

When someone reaches the stage where they can no longer walk short or long distances, it’s time for them to turn to mobility scooters. By using a mobility scooter, elderly and disabled people can quickly regain control of their lives, as it enables them to travel places, do their shopping, and much more – all without having to put their bodies through any pain. Essentially, it’s just like driving a small car.

Poor Balance

A lack of balance can lead to frustration, especially if you keep taking tumbles in public places.

As a solution, most elderly people turn to walk canes. This is because walking canes enable them to gain a stronger foothold whilst navigating around, which drastically reduces the chances of them falling over.

If a walking stick isn’t strong enough, then the next solution is to use a walking frame. Of course, walking frames are slightly bigger (and require two hands rather than one), but they’re the better option for people who are weaker on their feet.

Difficulty Getting Out of Bed and Chairs

Getting out of bed or chairs requires significant arm and leg strength. Without this, it becomes almost impossible.

As a solution, there are reclinable beds and chairs. On top of this, you can also keep frames and walking sticks next to them so that you have something to grab onto and push yourself upwards with when you need it.

It’s also advised to start stretching and exercising more so that your muscles and limbs are nimbler.

Common Mobility Issues
Common Mobility Issues

Climbing Stairs

Arguably, the biggest mobility problem that elderly people encounter is the sudden inability to climb stairs.

This is why thousands of them sell their homes and move to bungalows, as it means they no longer have to deal with climbing up and down the stairs every day.

However, if someone is struggling with their mobility but doesn’t want to sell their home, the best way to solve this problem is by investing in a stairlift.

Unfortunately, stairlifts can be expensive. However, some governments offer grants for them; which enables elderly and disabled people to get them at discounted prices.

Once stairlifts have been installed, it makes life much easier for them. Moving into the future, there’s no longer a need to worry about climbing the stairs or potentially falling down them after slipping over.

So, if you’re finding staircases a real challenge lately, it’s worth considering getting a stairlift in your home.