Quilt: Definition and Types of Quilt and Bedding

Quilt and Bedding

If we talk about the bed and the parts that compose it, we must pay special attention to the Quilt and bedding since it is a fundamental part of it and fulfils a double function: it serves to protect the mattress and the pillow and to shelter us. During the night, while we sleep.

Every person needs to know the definition and types of Quilt and bedding—the quilt bedding fabric is made of cotton, polyester, or a mixture of both. Cotton is a better quality natural fibre than pol. 

What is a Quilt?

Quilt: It is a mix between the Quilt and the Quilt. The upper part that covers the bed is a duvet, and the sides are unfilled fabric, like the bedspread.

It is a garment that traditionally had a decorative and protective bed. It was placed on top of the sheets and removed when we went to sleep. Nowadays, they can also be used as warm clothing in the mid-season, thanks to the boutique bedspread.


Quilt types:

 Bedspread: It is a type of modern bedspread made with filling inside – like a quilt – but with a low weight. It has decorative and shelter use.

Woven or jacquard bedspread: It’sIt’s made of woven thread without filling, and the ornamental designs are made using the jacquard technique. They are the most traditional and classic.

Pique bedspread: It is woven with half of the threads raised in each section and alternates in each pass, which provides volume without the need for interior filling, just like the jacquard bedspread. Initially, it was a honeycomb type and had rounded corners finished with a trim.

Summer bedspread or bedspread: Its fabric is the same thickness as a sheet, and its function is decorative.

All bedspreads are for decorative and protective purposes. However, we can use them to cover ourselves if it gets cool at night—Yester (synthetic fibre) as it is breathable and does not cause skin allergies.

The main items of quilt bedding are:

Quilt Bedsheet

The sheet is the main piece of the bed. Its function is to protect the mattress and be the basis for the rest of the bedding.

Types of Quilt sheets:

Bottom sheet: it is the sheet placed on the mattress to protect it, and it is the one that is in contact with our skin. They are usually adjustable sheets attached to the bed using elastic strips so that they remain attached and do not move while we sleep.

Top sheet: it is the sheet placed on top of the bed. It can be used to cover ourselves and as a base to identify other bedding on top (duvets, blankets, bedspreads).

Warm Quilt

It is an insulating garment that maintains body heat in the bed. It is made up of two layers of fabric with padding inside. Its perimeter is stitched, and its entire interior so that the filling is ideally distributed over its entire surface. It is placed on top of the sheets and provides us with shelter on the coldest nights.

Quilt types:

Comforter quilt: It is the most famous and used. It has 90º angled bottom corners that give it a sleek, straight drape.

Adjustable Quilt: It is a type of Quilt in which the lower part is folded under the mattress and collected thanks to its rubber bands that hold it to the bed.

Nordic Quilt: It is a white quilt -commonly- that is usually used together with the duvet cover by inserting it inside it; it can also be used without a cover since there are models with designs and colours.

Duvet cover

It comprises two layers of fabric (in the shape of an envelope) sewn on three of its sides and open at the bottom. In the lower opening, the duvet or duvet is introduced, which will be in charge of providing us with the coat at night—no need to use a top sheet or additional bedding.


It is a warm garment that is placed on the top sheet. It tends to be heavier than quilts and is used on colder nights.

Nordic zip sack

It is made up of 3 pieces. The fundamental piece is the Nordic bag placed on top of the bed (with padding inside) and is attached to the bottom sheet using a zipper; it also includes the pillowcase to match the bag.


It is placed on the pillow to protect it and to last longer.

You know what Quilt is and why it’s necessary to use bedding. Now you are ready to dress your bed in the best possible way and to provide your body with the essential shelter during all seasons of the year.