Choosing a New Bed: For Beginners


Back in the day, as long as your mattress supports your weight and you had something to cover your head and another to rest your head, that was enough.

These days, buying a new bed has never been more complicated, and if you have recently entered a mattress and bed store and been genuinely perplexed as to where to start, then this article is most definitely the one for you.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Local Area

First and foremost, it is not as if you buy a bed every other week, and with such a one-off and larger purchase, you should give yourself the best possible chance of finding the perfect one for you, by not limiting yourself to only stores in your local area.

Prestigious and long-running shipment companies, such as Shiply USA, are able to transport virtually any item, of any size, along as short or as long a distance as required, making them the ideal choice to bring your newly purchased bed from store to door.

Bring Your Partner with You

Another important tip, unless you are lucky enough not to have to share your bed and can starfish your way to sleep each and every night, when choosing the right mattress and frame, is to bring your significant other along with you.

Make sure you both lie down properly on the bed and discuss how different textures, sizes, and finishes of mattresses feel, as the wrong type of mattress for you could result in:

  • Back pain in the day
  • A weaker immune system
  • Issues with concentration and memory due to poor sleep quality
  • Sore joints and muscles
  • A reduced sex drive

Buy a Bed with Integrated Storage

When looking for a new bed to fit into a smaller bedroom, your closest probably is not the largest you have ever seen, and as such, why not consider a bed frame that has built-in storage?

An ottoman bed is your best choice for the maximum level of storage underneath the main section of the bed frame, but for a smaller bed that still has some semblance of storage, you should look closely at divan bed bases.

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Finding the perfect mattress match is the most important element of buying a new bed, and the best way to ensure you have purchased the right mattress is to learn the basics.

There are five different styles of mattresses: latex, hybrid, foam, airbed, and innerspring. If you are looking for a super supportive base made from organic and natural fibers, then a latex mattress is the best choice.

As you might expect, hybrid mattresses are made from a combination of an innerspring core and a strong foam system over the top and are great for heat retention. Innerspring mattresses tend to be the most affordable yet do not offer a great deal of support.

Foam mattresses are the most expensive but healthiest choice for those looking for a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, durable, high quality, and supportive base.