Winter interior: 10 rules for creating a warm and cozy space

Winter interior: 10 rules for creating a warm and cozy space

When a piercing wind blows outside and flakes of prickly snow are flying in your face, you want so much that the atmosphere of warmth and comfort reigns at home. The winter interior must meet these wishes. We will tell you how to achieve this in today’s article.

Warm colors

When creating an interior in winter, you need to start by defining the color scheme of the room. You should avoid cold shades and focus on warm colors: green, brown, terracotta, gold, yellow, and orange. Use red with caution – it is known to have a stimulating effect.

An abundance of “warm” textiles

For a winter interior, choose textiles from materials that bring warmth: wool blankets, knitted caps. Decorate the table with a thick cotton tablecloth. A soft sofa upholstered in velour or velvet will complement the decor. And it is better to refuse dense curtains – they will not let in sunlight, which is so necessary for winter.

Winter interior

There are never too many pillows

It is impossible to imagine a cozy winter interior without a variety of pillows. They can liven up even a boring leather armchair or a standard sofa. Choose covers for them not only from bright but from soft fabrics. And remember that there are never too many cushions in a winter interior.

Carpet with soft pile

The interior in winter will be unfinished if you do not decorate the floor with a carpet. The longer and softer the pile of a carpet product, the more pleasant it is to step on it with bare feet. In such a living room, it will be pleasant to gather with the whole family and watch TV – or have a tea party right on the floor.

Lots of light, real and artificial

An important element of a winter interior is lighting. When it is dark outside the window for most of the day, it is necessary to fill the house with light, at least artificial. You should use not only traditional chandeliers, but also sconces, floor lamps, and lamps. Let every corner of your home be lit.

The warmth that fire gives

The fire carried a warmth to people back in the days when caves were used as housing. I must say that this principle continues to work to this day. When a blizzard howls outside the window, it’s so nice to warm your hands by the fireplace. And for city dwellers, electric fireplaces were invented, which give no less a sense of comfort.

Mirrors will brighten the room

To make the room brighter, use the reflective properties of mirrors. In the living room, such a mirror can be installed on the floor or on the mantelpiece. To give the room a light, vintage feel, use antique designs with a darkened surface and an unfinished frame.

Handwork will fill the house with warmth

The winter interior will be homely and cozy if you use DIY items for decoration, for example, napkins or crocheted blankets. Such things carry the positive energy of the person who made them. Windows on the eve of the New Year can be decorated with homemade flags and a table with paper Christmas trees.

Plants against winter blues

The more living plants in the house, the easier it is to endure the lack of sun and heat outside. Green friends will also provide you with clean and healthy air. Flowers in pots will revive the interior in winter, and blooming specimens will help overcome the winter blues, suggesting that the spring will not be so long.

Summer reminders

Accessories reminiscent of summer will help to survive the winter. These can be souvenirs brought from vacation, family photos taken by the sea, or bouquets of fresh flowers. Surround yourself with objects that remind you of pleasant moments, and winter weekdays will not be able to catch up on you.