Make Your Bedroom Warm Without Turning Up Your Heat

warm home

It’s difficult to sleep when you’re cold. Your body tenses as it tries to conserve heat and you can’t really fall asleep if you’re not fully relaxed, even if you have purchased the best online mattress from Canada or anywhere else. But, you also don’t want to crank up your thermostat to get your bedroom warmer either, especially with the high cost of heat these days. Fortunately, you don’t have to touch your thermostat at all to make your bedroom warmer. Here are some tips to warm up your sleeping quarters without turning up your heat.

Check For and Fix Drafts 

Windows and doors that lead to the outside can develop gaps between the door or window and its frame. This is a common cause of cold air coming into a room and no matter how high you turn your heat, the draft will still make it feel cold. So, before winter arrives each year, check your doors and windows for drafts.

Close all the doors and windows to your room and pass your hand around the edges. If you feel air coming in, you have a draft. You can also burn a candle or incense in the room and watch where the smoke goes.

Fix drafts by putting weather stripping or caulking in the gaps between the windows and doors and their frames. It’s a simple fix and relatively inexpensive as well, particularly when you consider the costs you save in heating expenses.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

In the summer, ceiling fans move in a counterclockwise direction and can really cool down a room by circulating the air. In the winter, though, you’ll want to reverse your ceiling fan’s direction and have it spin clockwise so that the blades pull warmer air from the ceiling down to the rest of the room. Usually, you don’t have to do anything special to reverse your ceiling fan’s rotation, as there is typically a switch on the fan itself that allows you to do this easily.

Rearrange Your Furniture 

If your bed is currently under a window, you can instantly warm up your sleeping area by moving it away from the window. Even if you fix those drafts coming in around your windows, the glass still cools down more than your walls do. As a result, anything near your windows will also be cooler than in other parts of the room. Perhaps you can have your bed under the window in warmer months and move it to an interior wall during the winter to get the best of both worlds.

Put Down a Fluffy Area Rug 

Hardwood, laminate, and tile floors are great for cleaning, but not so much for insulating a room. To combat this, put a fluffy, thick area rug down on your cold floors so your feet have a nice warm landing place when you get out of bed in the morning. Also, the room will just feel warmer because there will be an insulating layer between the bare floors and you.


Making a room warmer is easier than cooling it down and there are plenty of tricks you can use to heat your room without spending a fortune on energy costs. These four ideas will get you started.