Top 5 Space-Saving Tips for a Compact Apartment

Tips for a Compact Apartment

Whether you’re saving up for larger housing and you’re stuck in a tiny apartment for the time being, or you simply prefer living in a smaller property, there are many advantages to compact living spaces. They are often much cheaper to run, the initial cost of purchase is lower than a grand home, and the upkeep is usually easier too. However, to enjoy your living space properly, you need to learn how to maximize your space. Here are five space-saving tips to help you live comfortably in a compact apartment.

Tidy Your Home Regularly

Compact apartments can feel cramped and claustrophobic when they are filled with junk. By clearing out unnecessary bric-a-brac and keeping your floor and surfaces clear, you can create more space for essential items that you actually need. Try to go through your apartment regularly to prevent your belongings from piling up. A minimalist aesthetic is ideal for small apartments.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Apartments that are blessed with natural light should make the most of it with light and airy window treatments. French shutters and lightweight blinds are great for maximizing the amount of light that streams through the window. They can be adjusted for the perfect amount of sun exposure. Opt for window treatments in a lighter color to help make a room look bigger.

Purchase Multifunctional Furniture

When it comes to small homes, you need to be savvy with your furniture. No matter how beautiful some pieces are, if they are large and bulky, they will probably look out of place in your apartment anyway. Consider the size of your furniture and scale it to your apartment, and choose furniture that serves multiple functions. For example, those who work from home should choose sturdy dining room tables that can double as work desks. In addition, furniture that gives you space to store other items is a bonus. Divan beds with under-bed storage is perfect for small bedrooms. The storage space can be used for seasonal clothes, suitcases, and many other personal items. Look for a retailer who has a collection of high-quality furniture that includes divan beds, metal beds, and beds with wooden frames. To find the perfect bed for your apartment, visit

 Tips for a Compact Apartment
Tips for a Compact Apartment

Rearrange the Furniture

Besides purchasing the right type of furniture, pay attention to how you arrange it. In a cramped room, you can create more floor space to walk by lining large pieces of furniture against a wall. Make use of the wall space using shelves and storage units to keep the floor clear.

Use Reflective Surfaces to Create the Illusion of Space

Using reflective surfaces to create the illusion of space might not actually make your home more spacious, but it can make it more attractive. Mirrored surfaces can add depth to a room and are both functional and stylish too. Add a large landscape mirror to make your hallway look bigger, or decorate your cramped living with decorative, mirrored pieces.