4 Tips to Make Your Own Original Costume

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Creating your own original costume is one of the most fun, exciting projects you can take on. Whether you’re a very serious cosplayer or just someone who loves dressing up in general and has always wanted to try their hand at it, your costume should be a masterpiece that only you could have come up with.

The following tips can help make sure that happens:

Accessories from the Thrift Store

If you look around your local thrift stores, you might get lucky and find some costumes that are in good condition. Often, people will donate them to the thrift store instead of taking them back to sell or give new life to at a consignment shop. You may be able to find some great pieces.

For example, it is possible to take a second-hand leather jacket and use angelus paint to create a unique piece of art and make your costume stand out.

Always Keep an Eye Out for Inspiration

See what other people are doing in costume and take ideas from them. You can also find helpful articles to get started if you study the types of things being done by professionals.

You already have a great place to start based on all the costumes you see in movies, tv shows, and games. The most popular characters are always those that have already been made, so you can go for the classic character and add your own twist or try making your own version of a much-loved character.

Keep It Simple

An excellent way to get started is to keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to take on a simple look and make it your own. There is no need to make something overly complicated if you aren’t sure about your skills as a first-timer.

You can always go back and add more details or improve things once you get more comfortable with the material and your skills.

Make Your Own Original Costume
Make Your Own Original Costume

Decide Which Elements to Keep Consistent

The quickest way to create an original costume concept is by maintaining the same elements among costumes. You can wear “armor” in every single one of your creations, but use different materials such as wigs, makeup, clothing, etc. Or you could have hair accessories in every outfit that tie it all together.

For example, perhaps you would wear an elaborate gown in every costume but vary the accessories or the coat. You can also wear a specific type of hat or glasses with every look.

You can even have consistent props that tie everything together and help your outfits feel like they fit into one cohesive theme. This is especially useful when you don’t want to create a character’s outfit but make some kind of unique style statement such as an armored look or very high-end clothing with jewels and pearls in every outfit that fits together.

Another way to do this is to find a jeweler who will make a custom prop for you. You can get a whole set of jewelry for your character and wear it in every outfit. If you have this in your wardrobe, you could also wear that jewelry anywhere else.

As you can see, there’s a lot of potentials to create a truly original costume. With the right tools, ideas, and inspiration, you can make sure your new creation is something no one will ever forget.