5 Top Vehicle Modifications to Make Yours Safer

Vehicle Modifications

In 2022, there has been a lot of news about vehicles and cars. We describe in this article 5 top vehicle modifications

to make yours safer.

Soon, most new cars being manufactured will have a green emphasis, with many being hybrids or electric cars. However, as always, the emphasis on any new car being bought or sold is on the safety of the machine, and if you have an older car, it may need a few upgrades to keep it in line with the newer vehicles on the road.

Here, we delve into 5 ways you can modify your vehicle to make it safer, irrespective of what you use it for.

Increase Visibility

There is a lot of emphasis on the look of more modern cars, with more discrete lighting and tinted windows. Yes, this looks cool, but it is not necessarily safe, especially when driving at night. If you are operating a taxi cab, you will be required by law to have your car lights and illumination set to minimum brightness. More information about the laws and purchase of taxis can be found at cabdirect.com.

To stay safe on the road, you need to be seen, so add some LED lights to the side of the car and in other areas where light is an issue.

Fewer Modifications

You may have always dreamt of having a car with a chain steering wheel, but there is a cost. Many designers or newer kinds of modifications to cars mean that the airbags must be fiddled with, and in some cases removed, making them less sensitive to the jolts required for them to open and save your life.

So, if your trendy car doesn’t have an airbag, it is worth getting the mods removed to have airbags put in the car.


Any car that has worn tires will need to have them replaced. If the tires are old and the tread looks fine, you will still need to replace them.

To keep your tires safe, they need to have a rubber chemical compound on them to help them stick to the road. If they don’t have this, they will not stick and will therefore become more slippery.

Get the Car Checked

If you are purchasing a car second-hand, before you put down any money, you will need to ensure that it passes a check with a skilled mechanic. This can be tricky, as many people who sell second-hand cars are not too keen on having them looked over by someone with a trained eye. However, if that’s the case, you should move on to the next car on your list, as the seller may be trying to hide something. For your safety, make sure the car is working correctly, and that there is nothing wrong with the radiator, the engine, or any other part that could cause injury.

Vehicle Modifications
Vehicle Modifications

Replace Seatbelts

It may sound pedantic, but seatbelts save lives and even if you have a car that has older seatbelts that look to be in good condition, you should still have them replaced with more modern versions. Do not attempt to do this yourself and aim to seek the help of a trained mechanic.