4 Ways to Make Your Home Office Comfortable Over Winter

winter warm

Working from home is here to say, which means many more remote team members will be spending winter in their home offices. However, is there anything worse than being freezing while working? Your place of work needs to be an inspiring, comfortable place for you to complete tasks all day – not a freezer giving you goosebumps at your desk. With that horrific picture in mind, this simple guide divulges a few changes you can make to your office – as well as your home – to make it a warm, cozy, comfortable place to work in the winter months.

  1. Create Warmth

A sheepskin rug is an ideal feature for your home office, especially if it’s thrown over your chair – cozy! Throw blankets are also fantastic for those days when you need to wrap up at your desk with an extra layer. Knitted throws are superb for the same reason – they’ll make a huge difference on icy days when you drape them over your shoulders or knees while working

Layering thick rugs on the floor is also excellent (if wool, that’s even better since it’s a natural insulator).Rugs are particularly fantastic heat retainers if you don’t have carpets in your office; doing so acts as floor insulation and keeps the room warmer.

Putting an electric heater in your office also works wonders – and you can even buy economical models these days, if you’re concerned how much it’ll cost to run one.

  1. Modernize Your Heating

Sure, you can create warmth, aesthetically and virtually – but can you generate warmth? You can have all the throws, blankets, chunky knits, rugs, curtains, and cups of tea in the world; however, if your home’s heating and insulation aren’t up to the task, all of those cozy items are redundant. They can only do so much, after all.

First, you’ll need to start with your boiler and heating systems. Are they old and outdated? If so, your home might not be heated as much as it could be – and you could even be paying more for your energy bills if your boiler and systems are inefficient.

If you’re unsure, experts like GJS plumbing and heating services or those operating in your local area can give yours a once-over and check to see if it’s in need of replacement. If it is, specialists like these can install a brand-new boiler and ensure your heating systems are actually doing what they’re supposed to – and efficiently, too. The result? A warmer home (not just your office space), an energy-efficient abode, a greener place, and(best of all) slashed energy bills.

  1. Light Candles

Of course, candles have flames – but that’s not exactly where the warmth comes from. Psychologically and aesthetically speaking, the ambiance a lit candle creates is what makes an office feel cozy and warm in the winter.

Plus, warming, deliciously scented candles will work wonders for making the space feel and smell toasty – especially if it gives off wintery aromas, like spiced fragrances, which are synonymous with that festive Christmas feeling!

  1. Incorporate Nature

Research suggests that plants can lower workplace stress and enhance productivity, thanks to their calming effects on the human body and mind. As such, adding greenery to your home office could make the place look and feel more comfortable.

Granted, this may not be related to warmth – but it certainly makes your work room more inviting and relaxing, which in winter is an effect you’ll need ample of, if you want a cozier space in which to work.