Bed: How to make the perfect bed

make the perfect bed

Why should we make the bed in the morning? It is a simple task that most of the time we miss, but it has many benefits. Some people say that it gives them a feeling of having finished something first thing in the morning, helping them start the day off on the right foot. Some even consider that it can have a ripple effect on the rest of the day, leading to more correct decisions and habits.

Making the bed in the morning can also help reduce stress. The rush to get ready in the morning can be stressful in and of itself. Add to that the pressure of a cluttered room (and an unmade bed), and you’re already starting your day off in a less than ideal way.

Plus, you’ll run into the same stress when you get home at the end of a long day. Coming home with a well-made bed is a relaxing sight that can offer comfort. It also encourages you to unplug after you’ve worked all day so that you can rest and relax.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at it from a practical point of view: making the bed can help keep the mattress and bedding clean and in good condition.

 We tell you how to make the perfect bed, the one you always want to return to or the one you never want to leave.

Start bed with a good mattress

To create the perfect bed, you have to start with the basics: a good mattress. It would help if you slept on a high-quality mattress that provides your body with the proper support it needs. Sleeping on an old or lumpy mattress can lead to several problems, from everyday aches and pains to chronic pain to poor sleep.

For example, foam mattresses Viscoelastic are not only comfortable and offer support, but are also easy to care for, so you can enjoy better sleep for years.


Choose the bed and right bedding (and take care of it)

The choice of cozy linen is the key to a sacred bedroom. High-quality sheets can help you instantly relax when you get into bed, and they also have a significant impact on the quality of your overall sleep.

Sheet care is an essential part of creating the perfect bed. Experts recommend washing the sheets once a week with warm water and occasionally with hot water to disinfect them better. It is essential if you or a family member has been sick.

Get a set of quality sheets that are easy to care for and provide you with the deepest and most luxurious sleep possible.

Once you have the perfect mattress and bedding, it’s time to make the bed. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

The fitted sheet

Please make sure the corners of the sheet completely wrap around the corners of your mattress, reaching under so that the weight of the bed helps hold them in place—that easy.

 The flat sheet

Lay the flat sheet over the fitted sheet with the finished side (the prettiest side) facing up. It may sound strange, but in the end, it will give a perfect layered look.

Go around the corners. It is not nearly as difficult as it sounds, and this added 10-second step will help you keep your sheets in place at night, even with a bit of tugging and turning while you sleep.

This way, not only will your ends look neat, but these extra steps will help keep them firmer in place. Once you get it right, it will probably take less than a minute to do it.

The quilt or quilt

Next, add your comforter or bedspread.

You may want to add a blanket between the sheet and the comforter to use when the nights are not so cold. If so, spread the blanket across the bed and tuck it in, using the corners, just like you did with your flat sheet.

Next, place the comforter on the bed and make sure it hangs evenly on all sides, although it shouldn’t touch the top of the bed like the sheet and blanket do.

 Layer like a pro

Roll up the top of the comforter and fold the top of the blanket and sheets to give your bed a layered, elegant look, like those seen in hotels or department stores.

Suggestion: This is what we meant when we said not to pull the duvet to the top of the bed. Starting a little lower will show an even amount of each layer when you fold down. If your comforter is very thick, do not lower it all the way. Instead, drop it a few more inches so you don’t have to roll it up and fold the sheet to add a layer.

If you want a well-made bed, you can tuck the sides of the duvet under the mattress, but many people prefer the loose-fitting look, and it makes crawling into your plush, comfortable bed that much easier at night.

 Add accessories

Complete your beautiful bedding with some stylish finishing touches, or go for simplicity (it’s up to you!). It all depends on what makes you happy.

To add a bit of accessory, choose American-size pillowcases that rest on the headboard (if you have one). Next, put your favorite pillows on the bed.

Complete her new bed style with smaller pillows (and maybe even an accent lumbar pillow). Varying the sizes, shapes and patterns of the cushions contributes to the uniqueness of your look.

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For a more cozy touch, place a soft blanket at the end of the bed. So you can snuggle up with a book or take a nap without having to get under the covers.

Your bedroom can be a true sanctuary of sleep: a place for quiet and relaxing rest where you can quiet your mind and focus on yourself.