Planning a Child’s Winter Wedding Outfit

Planning a Child's Winter Wedding Outfit

Kids nowadays are very fashion conscious, and are confident in their choices. If your young wedding guest is female, the choice of girls dresses is exciting. Boys have equally strong ideas on style. In this article we describe Planning a Child’s Winter Wedding Outfit

1. Dresses for Girls

Dress choice has expanded beyond the still-popular frilly, pastel creations. Rainbow shades bring a dream-like aura to the dress. Look for shiny, glittery fabrics, or embrace bright colours in velvet.

2. Let Them Stand Out with an Individual Look

Logos are very popular with both girls and boys, and are still smart for a wedding. They can help to bond with other young wedding guests, or establish a pecking order!

3. Respect the Season

Outdoor weddings in an attractive setting will make the day. Weather permitting, it’s also nice to mingle in a pretty garden, where children can play. Provide a warm coat or jacket, perhaps in faux fur or leather. Indoors, a sweatshirt, cardigan or body warmer could be useful.

4. Embellishments

Girls dresses look stunning with contrasting embroidery or sequins. Fur trims are especially appropriate for winter weddings. Tiaras, clip-on wings and ribbons will offset an outfit well, too. For boys, logos are a must-have.

5. Accessories for Girls

The right tights for girls can make all the difference. Make a feature of them with a sparkly or shiny finish. Team with metallic sandals, or provide a contrast with black patent boots. Silvery tights look really cool with a dark velvet dress or skirt! These styles are just right for winter, too.

6. Accessories for Boys

Boys can look very cute in suits and ties, perhaps with a handkerchief. More casual wear could include a blazer with shorts, or a button-down short-sleeved shirt. A shirt with a bow tie, or a polo neck, are other easy options.

7. Bringing Baby

Collections wedding-baby. Dressing babies for weddings usually follows the same trends as their older siblings. Just remember to dress them in something that makes nappy-changing easy. Garments that wash well are also practical! The same principles also apply to toddlers.

8. Keep Costs Down

All this need not cost a fortune. Children’s wedding and party outfit are not going to get a lot of wear. Providing there are no stains or damage, it’s possible to find them at a reasonable price. You can search for clothes in good condition online, or in charity shops.

Planning a Child's Winter Wedding Outfit
Planning a Child’s Winter Wedding Outfit

9. Be Creative

If you’re good at making things, you can provide your child with a unique outfit. Alternatively, you can adapt a dress or outfit that you already have, or have picked up cheaply.

10. Don’t Forget Participants!

If your child is a bridesmaid or page, you’ll need to apply different rules, as the happy couple requires. There are beautiful girls dresses for this, while the boys will rock a tuxedo. So don’t forget your camera.