3 Important Jobs You Have as the Best Man at a Wedding

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Having a friend or family member asks you to be the best man at their wedding is an incredibly flattering gesture. You have obviously been through a great deal together, and their wedding day will be another chance for you to stand by their side and support them.

That being said, being a best man is about more than simply being at the wedding and supporting the groom on the big day. There are also a couple of important jobs that will fall to you in the lead-up to the wedding as well as on the day itself.

If you have just been asked to serve as the best man in a friend’s wedding, here are three of the main jobs that will fall to you to ensure that your pal’s day goes off without a hitch.

1. Looking After the Rings

Your friend went through all the hard work involved in choosing an engagement ring for his bride-to-be. On their wedding day, they will both exchange rings once more as a symbol of the life that they are going to be starting together.

While they will be choosing, purchasing, and keeping the wedding bands safe prior to the big day, it is your job to look after the rings on the day itself. You will need to make sure they don’t get misplaced and be ready to present them to the groom at the wedding ceremony.

In some cases, the groom might ask for your opinion on a Mens Ring as he tries to select the perfect one for him. Otherwise, your main job in this regard won’t start until the morning of the wedding.

2. Plan the Bachelor Party

The one job that best men look forward to taking care of is that of planning the bachelor party. This is going to likely the biggest task that falls to you as you look to plan a memorable event to help your buddy celebrate the end of a chapter in his life and the start of the next.

While you probably know your friend’s preferences for a bachelor party already, make sure that you keep him in the loop every step. He will have a guest list in mind and might even already know where he would like to go.

Even though an event filled with surprises might sound like a good idea at first, it is better to make sure that he is happy with the plans. It is his party, after all.

Best Man
Best Man

3. Give a Speech

One best man job that most people look forward to with mixed feelings is the speech that they are meant to give at the wedding reception. There is a bit of pressure on the best man to make people laugh while at the same time delivering a heartfelt testament to the groom.

Whatever you do, make sure that you take the time to write your best man speech sooner rather than later. Never attempt to just wing it on the day as that can only end in disaster.