For your interior: 7 purchases this winter

7 purchases for your interior this winter

Winter is not just near, it is already here. Isn’t there a reason for your interior? While New Year’s decorations and garlands are waiting in the wings, other “winter” accessories are already ready to take pride of place in your apartment. We have collected TOP-7 seasonal purchases that will add winter flavor to the interior and decorate your life in the cold season.

Cozy and fluffy: faux fur accessories

Our lifestyle changes noticeably in winter. More and more time I want to spend at home, warm and comfortable. So the time has come for fluffy faux fur accessories. At the very least, you should change the pillowcases on your throw pillows. For sultry tropical prints – the hot interior trend of 2021, it’s time to go to the closet – to wait for the warm season. Faux fur pillowcases will take their place. If they are not enough for you, a luxurious fluffy blanket will literally wrap you up in “fur”.

In winter, getting out of a warm bed in the morning is especially difficult. Agree, when your bare feet are met by a fluffy rug by the bed, the morning becomes a little more pleasant. Here is another must-have of the cold season.

Besides, your chairs, stools and coffee tables can be dressed in “furs”.

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British flavor: “eared ” chair

A chair with ears, also known as a fireplace or grandfather’s chair, comes from dank Britain. It was in these that the elderly English aristocrats sat, lighting a pipe near the fireplace. Once upon a time, the “ears” on the armchair were designed to protect from drafts roaming the house and to help keep warm. Nowadays, when drafts rarely disturb city dwellers, eared armchairs still do not lose their relevance – they are all the same comfortable, cozy and stylish.

In addition, such a furniture form will delight introverts – the design of the “eared” back will allow you to isolate yourself from the outside world, literally plunging into your personal space.

Thanks to the work of modern designers, offering variegated interpretations of the classic model, the mantel chair can fit into almost any interior. Leather, suede, and velvet upholstery are in trend.

If you do not have an “earned” chair yet, the winter season is a great reason to get one.

Like grandmother: knitted accessories

Another way to increase the degree of warmth and comfort in a winter interior is knitted accessories. Both, products from the masses of the market and handmade are suitable. We recommend taking a closer look at chunky knitted blankets, decorative knitted pillowcases, rugs, and mats. Many modern interiors can be decorated with “grandmother’s” needlework – knitted tablecloths and napkins. If you are not ready for such greetings from the past, you will definitely like cozy knitted mug covers – this is a true winter decor. In “sweaters” you can dress not only mugs but also assorted kitchen jars and vases, in which a winter bouquet of dried flowers will look great.

Living light: candles and candlesticks

Winter is the time to buy different colors of candles and candlesticks. The living light of burning candles will decorate not only the New Year’s interior but also your winter weekday evenings. Scented candles with seasonal aromas of cinnamon, ginger, and baked apple will take root in the bathroom and bedroom. The living room will be decorated with dramatic candelabra candlesticks or modern minimalistic counterparts. Glass candlesticks are in trend.

And artificial light: a table lamp and a floor lamp

It gets dark early in winter. What is not a reason to buy a new table lamp or designer floor lamp? This element will take on the role of an expressive accent in the interior and will create cozy chamber lighting. And is there a more wintery activity than reading a good book under a warm blanket under the light of a floor lamp?

Winter in the house: themed posters

Winter decor can literally be winter decor. Themed posters will allow you to recreate a special New Year’s atmosphere in the interior. It can be winter landscapes and snow-capped mountain peaks or less obvious seasonal signs and associations: reindeer, spruce branches and cones, blue-eyed huskies, and, of course, New Year’s paraphernalia.

Changing wall posters is as easy as changing a pillowcase on a decorative pillow. If you gravitate towards seasonal changes in the interior, get replacement sets of accessories for the winter interior and the warm season.