Your rented apartment: Beautiful bathroom of your

Beautify the bathroom of your rented apartment!

Do you live in your rented apartment for rent and would like to beautify your bathroom? It works. As a tenant in the bathroom, you are committed to many things – but you do not have to take everything as it is.

We present 14 bathroom ideas for your rented apartment that is guaranteed not to upset your landlord.

Ugly tiles become beautiful.

Ugly bathroom tiles are a common dilemma.

At some point, professionally installed, they last for half an eternity and, of course, do not wear out. New tiles? Landlord thing

So what to do

Option 1: You beautify your tiles

For example, tile stickers, tile foils, or wall tattoos can make quickly when you move out of your rented apartment.

Option 2: Your paper over the tiles

The best way to do this in the tenant bathroom is to use a plasterboard to cover the tiled walls. Then the wallpaper comes over it.

When you move out, take the siding off, and the tiles are back.

Option 3: You complement your tiles

You can do this by matching other colors to the – wall paints, towels, bathroom carpets, sun protection, decoration, etc.

Even if it is not the color palette of your dreams: Well balanced, wall tiles appear less prominent; the bathroom seems coherent and calmer.

 More storage space = more practical bathroom

Storage space is another minus in many tenant bathrooms – where it could be so well needed here.

Indeed, the attachment of wall cabinets or bathroom accessories is often allowed for tenants. Still, drilling has its pitfalls with wholly tiled walls.

You are on the safe side with storage space ideas that do not require you to drill into the walls.

That doesn’t annoy a landlord. And come with you when you move.

You can find four storage spaces for the tenant bathroom here:

Baskets for shower enclosures, such as the Giese Bodyguard

Bathroom accessories for gluing, hanging, standing

Freely placeable bathroom shelves and tables

Mobile pedestal with and without seating

 Freshness kicks with a new showerhead.

A new showerhead also offers a surprising amount of convenience for little money.

To do this, unscrew the old hand shower from the shower hose and screw on the new one.

Keep the old shower in a safe place so that you can easily screw it back on when you move.

Your rented
Your rented apartment

Lighting makes the bathroom cozy.

New light is a great way to beautify the bathroom in a rental apartment.

Lighting that…

Your bathroom transformed into a place where you like to be and

Make your everyday bathroom life brighter and friendlier – regardless of whether you are styling your hair, brushing your teeth, or relaxing in the bathtub.

So if you don’t like the old lights, swap them out.

Buy one or two beautiful bathroom lights (preferably with a dimmer!) And install them. It’s not difficult, it doesn’t cost a lot – but it brings a lot!

  1. Homely shimmer with candles

Cozy candlelight gives gray everyday life no chance.

Our tip:

Don’t just light candles on special occasions, but as often as you can – in the evening when you come home, for example.

Or just when you shower or bathe.

You will see: candles are the specialists for a comfortable atmosphere.

New comfort thanks to the toilet seat

If you don’t like the toilet seat or old and grubby, replace it with a new one.

All you need is a suitable toilet seat and a screwdriver.

If you don’t know exactly which toilet seat fits your toilet, the best thing to do is unscrew the old center and take it with you when you go shopping.

Tip! A shower toilet can also be retrofitted to specific toilet bowls in a lessor-friendly manner. The prerequisite for this is suitable connections for water and electricity – a specialist company will be happy to help.

Treat yourself to a new shower curtain.

A low-cost and efficient investment for everyone who wants to beautify their bathroom in their rented apartment is a new shower curtain.

It distracts from old-fashioned taps and ugly tiles and at the same time offers plenty of space for personal items.

Whether dancing penguins, wild patterns, or calm tree motifs – make your choice!

 Decorate with personality

Your rented most beautiful rooms tell the stories of their residents.

So if you can’t choose the bathroom furnishings, score with decorations that make you feel good and at the same time give the room personality.

How does it work?

With your photos, for example, or create a themed bathroom with your favorite hobby.

Tip! Shop without a goal; online, on vacation, or on an excursion, don’t look for something that will fit in your bathroom, take something with you because it’s beautiful.

Fluffy towels and carpets

Treat yourself to new soft towels and matching bathroom rugs – and not only when you want to distract from your tiles.

Because soft textiles bring color and a cozy feeling to the bathroom; And always make getting up a little easier, even on a cool, dark morning.

We recommend matching the colors of the towels and bath mats for a harmonious look, preferably to match the shower curtain.

 Films for the windows

If you have a bathroom with a window, you can also see what can be done in terms of decoration. Modern privacy screens with patterns, for example, look chic and, at the same time, protect against prying eyes.

Tip! See if the privacy film can be easily removed again.

Make it clear – step by step.

Yes, the bathroom is not necessarily the room that one likes to clean.

Especially not when the dirt and limescale come from the previous tenant

But the significant cleaning action is worth it! And this is how you proceed:

Empty the entire bathroom, including the cabinets

Throw everything washable in the washing machine, including the bathroom rug or shower curtain

Vacuum on all surfaces thoroughly vacuum dust

Clean the windows and mirrors

Scrub tiles Scrub, bathroom ceramics, and fittings with a good all-purpose cleaner until everything shines

If possible, keep the windows open during the entire cleaning process.

Decorate with plants

Another update for which no landlord is angry with you beautiful plants

The good thing: Many plants like it moist and get along very well with the bathroom climate.

The only requirement: light, even if it only shines through a small window.

Turn up the music

Close your eyes, music on…

Whether to wake up or to relax: Music in the bathroom is a significant upgrade that nobody can be angry with you for.

All you need is your smartphone and a waterproof speaker.

Although many bathrooms are now equipped with ventilation systems that reduce damp air, a waterproof loudspeaker is always the safest and, therefore, the best choice.

The best way to recognize waterproof speakers is that they can be used outside.

In the case of good outdoor loudspeakers, sensitive parts such as buttons or membranes are processed so that water cannot damage them.

What else is essential for bathroom speakers?

Fragrances for the bathroom

Bathroom fragrances are always a good investment.

They are available as scented candles or oils, room sprays, or air fresheners.

Fresh flowers or fragrant house plants such as mint are a good tip that many do not come up with.

These not only give off your rented apartment bathroom a lovely, natural scent, they also look great.