5 Easy Steps to Teach Your Dog to Fetch

5 Easy Steps to Teach Your Dog to Fetch

Fetching doesn’t come naturally to all dogs. Everybody wants to play fetch with their pup, but it is not easy. Some puppies don’t know how to let go of the toy, and others get distracted every second. Breeds like retrievers and border collies can fetch because it comes to them naturally. But, if your pup isn’t born with the skill to play, it can take some practice. Practice makes everything perfect. Consistent practicing can help your dog to concentrate on the object. And on the other hand, it is also helping in your dog’s brain development.

You have to peacefully and patiently teach your pup how to fetch, taking slow steps. I have put together five easy steps to train your dog on how to bring. You only have to follow them according to your dog because clearly, it is a step-by-step process. Regular practice will help your dog to learn quickly.

Teach Your Dog to Fetch

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1.  Preferred a Toy that your Dog Fascinates

Toy that your Dog Fascinates

Rather than going outside to play, start by playing inside the house. It will help you to train your dog without getting distracted every five seconds. It doesn’t matter what toy your dog preferred to play with; however, the central concept of playing fetching starts with a yellow tennis ball. But not all pups are comfortable or interested in this type of toy. Choose a toy like a ball, plush toy, rope, or frisbee; select the one that your dog shows interest in because whatever helps get your dog to respond with excitement and joy. And this is how you can start your dog training.

I prefer to use frisbee because it is light in weight, and my pup mostly likes it. Toss the object around your dog to grab their attention. Let them chew on it while they give you the desired attention.

2.  Treat your Pup

While you are at it, don’t forget to treat/pet your pup when you’re training them. When you toss around the ball or any other object that catches their attention, and they chew or tug at it. So then, toss a treat in front of them so that they will let go of their toy. Try to build clear communication between you and your dog to explain why he is rewarding. Therefore it will bring out positive behavior in your pup.

Since it is a one step at a time process, a smooth reward system would be helpful to make this more attractive.

3.  Teach Hold

Start teaching your pup by small actions like to hold. It is best that while you’re training your pet like the game of fetching, it is best to teach them by starting with small actions.

Once you figure out what toy your dog preferred, start spending time teaching him. Teach them how to hold the object in his mouth. Hold out the toy in front of your dog, don’t scare them, don’t interrupt their thoughts, and wait off to see what response you’re going to get. At first, you’re going to know that they are only going to sniff. At every interaction, reward them with a verbal command or treat them. Then show how to hold the toy for two seconds or longer. Once they are comfortable there, reward them. It is not a one-time thing; you will have to practice it with your pup until they get pro at it.

4.  Introduce the concept of Dropping the Toy

Once your dog has learned the step to hold, start by introducing the concept of dropping the object. Wave the toy in front of the dog until it gets the pup’s attention. Toss it around and give your pup the verbal cue to hold. Once the dog holds it after two-five seconds, ask them to drop it. For this step to understand your dog, you have to hold out a treat in front of them, so they will drop the object and grab the charm. Show your pup as much enthusiasm as you can.

5.  Teach your dog How to Fetch and bring it back to you

After a few successful training sessions withholding and dropping the toy, the last step includes combining it and practicing it all together. This time your dog understands the meaning of hold and drops it through verbal communication and actions.

Once your pup understands the fetch meaning “go pick up the toy,” You can start playing with it with time. Reward your dog after each response you get because pets get motivated whenever you reward them; this will keep the game interesting for both of you. Toss the object around and command your dog to go pick up the toy; once they find it, give them a verbal cue to hold it once they come back to you and to drop it. Sometimes dropping of the toy may follow when you show them treats.

In some cases, the dogs are still hesitant, so they might not swiftly come back to you; they will turn towards you.

Remember to treat or pet them at that time so that they will get excited.


Some people think that game is something that comes naturally to dogs. But not in the case of every dog. With much patience and positive reinforcement, you can teach your pup how to fetch. You are going to get frustrated because there will be a lot of running and chasing and entertaining. The more effort you put in, the excellent result you will get.