Mattress: How to take good care of your mattress

Good care of your mattress

Mattress; how clean at my home? Many buyers of pastel equipment sooner or later think about what the right mattress is and what effort this method requires from its owner. If you consider yourself a conscientious homeowner, the following tips on cleaning a mattress will come in handy. The time the bed retains its original properties depends on the materials and production technology. In particular, samples with independent springs are considered the most durable. Such products can last up to 10 years or more. Products that use the technology to fill the inner space with elastic materials have a slightly shorter lifespan. If they are artificial, then the period of use will be equal to five years. If you choose some natural filler for the filling, then the total period will increase by two more years. Read on for how to choose the right mattress.

To maximize the life of a mattress, before the purchase, you should research the maximum capacity of a particular model. First of all, we are talking about the permissible weight. If the product exceeds the schedule, it will fail several times faster than expected.


The mattress you bought should not exceed the size of the bed itself. The base itself must be solid and smooth. For some beds, the bottom can be made either by a flat plywood panel or arched slats. If the design of your double bed includes a long pole in the middle, it is recommended to put two small ones instead of one.

So that you do not constantly think about how to clean the mattress and what tools to use, you should get a protective cover. It will make removing stains and other dirt much more accessible.

In the worst case, if you say you stained the coat with blood, you can go to dry cleaning, and it will cost you much cheaper than a similar method, but with a solid mattress. In addition, the cover almost does not allow dust to pass through, which means you can get rid of it by simply shaking the body.

Correct use of the mattress does not mean putting various things under it. Such actions will have little effect on comfort, but they may well accelerate the irreversible deformation of the product.

Moving the mattress

If you have started moving into an apartment and want to take your favorite mattress with you, then you should understand some rules on how to move it.

The object is only transported so that various foreign objects and sharp protrusions do not damage it during the journey. By the way, storage is done similarly.

Should use handles to turn the mattress, but when the product is carried, it is held by the hands on the side surfaces. If you decide to save space by folding the bed during transport, we hasten to warn you of the dangerous consequences of this step. By doing this, you can damage products that have a spring structure. However, excessive breakage of filler samples is not optimally reflected in the latter; the protective coating can break. Usually, manufacturers specify this moment, but in this case, do not forget these tips when starting to move.

Normal mattress care

The direct care of the mattress consists in turning it regularly. It is done to distribute the inelastic deformations or more simply so that springs or fillers wear evenly. You must carry out this procedure once every two months; the exact period is usually specified in the product’s passport.

It would help if you also ventilated the mattress from time to time, do not leave it for a long time in the hot midday sun. And to remove dust, you should use a regular vacuum cleaner.

Good care of your mattress
Good care of your mattress

Remove stains: how to clean a mattress?

Perhaps, through gross negligence, you allowed the surface to become contaminated with stains of various origins. Accordingly, to avoid frantically searching for an answer to the question: “How to clean an orthopedic mattress?” you should understand some key points.

At first, use minimal water when removing stains. In fact, for the procedure itself, you can use special commercially available detergents for cleaning textiles or use ordinary laundry soap. In the latter case, the surface is slightly moistened and rubbed with soap, or just foam is used.

Vacuum cleaner for cleaning the mattress has many stores. Of course, with typical dirt, the above algorithm will cope with the task, but how to clean the mattress from blood stains or stubborn fat? At home, this method will require a lot of effort, and it is not a fact that it will pay off. Therefore, in complicated cases, it is recommended to take mattresses to a dry cleaner, where there are specialists in their field, and they also have all the necessary equipment and unique materials.

The drying should be done without unusual means, with no hair dryers or an iron. Just place the item in a well-ventilated, sunny area.

A particular requirement also applies to orthopedic mattresses. To avoid damaging them, knocking them out is not recommended. As mentioned before, use a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment to remove dust.

How to extend the life of a mattress?

The maximum life specified in the product passport is calculated assuming the correct condition.

 It does not include:

  • Jump on the surface;
  • Eat in bed;
  • Pour various liquids;
  • Use the item without a protective cover.