Bed linen: Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton Bed Linen

It is estimated that you will spend as much as one-third of your life in your bed. Therefore, naturally, you probably want quality bedding that is comfortable and durable. A luxury Egyptian cotton bed linen set will more than meet both of those standards. Cotton is a soft fiber that is usually spun into thread, which is then used to make a widely used versatile fabric. Egyptian cotton is made from an exceptionally long cotton staple plant that grows in Egypt. It is softer and sturdier than other types of cotton and thus is preferred by lush and luxurious bedding manufacturers worldwide.

Egyptian cotton bed linens tend to be more expensive than sets made with other cotton sources. They are well worth the investment for several reasons. Egyptian cotton bedding has a very soft feel that is almost silky in nature. It holds a sort of lustrous sheen that is surprising in comparison to what most people imagine when they think of cotton material. The fibers are naturally strong and can withstand frequent and long-lived use. They also hold their softness, color, and vibrancy well wash after wash. Another plus of Egyptian cotton is that it does not wrinkle easily. Therefore, you do not have to worry about ironing it or having a bed that looks messy after it has only been slept in once since washing.

Bed Linen

There are four huge factors to consider when shopping for luxury sheets. The quality of the fiber, the finish, the yarn size, and the thread count and construction are all very important constituents to which you should pay careful attention if you want a good quality set that feels great and will last for a good while. First, check to make sure that the sheets you are considering are 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Even a slight blend can make a tremendous difference in the fiber quality and feel. In addition, the longer the staple, the better the quality, so Egyptian cotton tops the market in this area. A good finish is important because it includes singeing off any fuzz that remains after the yarn is woven into fabric and mercerizing to maximize strength and luster. Some cheaper cotton products do not undergo this process.

Yarn size refers to the fineness of the threads with the finest yarn yielding the highest quality and softest feel. It ranges from the 40s to very rare and expensive 120s. The thread count refers to the number of threads present in each square inch of material. The higher the thread count, the finer the yarn because more fine threads can be woven into one square inch of fabric as opposed to thicker thread.

Egyptian cotton bed sheets come in a variety of colors to match every individual’s unique taste and home décor. They come in every size ranging from twin to California king. While they are more expensive than other kinds of cotton, they are actually quite affordable. You can buy individual sets of Egyptian cotton sheets only, or you can buy sets that also include pillowcases. Whatever your need, there is a luxury Egyptian cotton bed linen set that is sure to please you.