Cotton: Why use cotton in bedding?

Why use cotton in bedding

Cotton is a natural fiber that is very soft to the touch, comfortable, and hypoallergenic. This material is ideal for garments in direct contact with the skin, such as underwear and bedding.

Why use cotton in bedding? This vegetable fiber is of great importance throughout the world. Its cultivation is one of the oldest in the world, becoming popular in 1700 thanks to the new inventions to work the cloth, which allowed the manufacture of thousands of products throughout history.

The reasons that make natural fiber so famous valued, and used throughout the world, we detail them below:


Cotton fiber can absorb up to 27 times its weight in water. Hence, its use becomes widespread in warmer seasons thanks to its absorbency. Due to its composition, this material provides freshness and comfort, allowing the skin to breathe, ideal for keeping the body dry at all times.



Cotton can be dyed to any color and retained without a problem. Its excellent adhesion and maneuverability allow the braided and knotted fabric to be high quality and durable. Thanks to its versatility, it is possible to use it in different medical-sanitary products, paper money, gunpowder, tires, textiles, bed covers, among others.


A natural fiber, allows air to flow freely through fabrics, preventing the appearance of fungi.

Hypoallergenic fabric

Cotton is a product that helps prevent the risks of skin irritations, itching, infections, and allergies as it is a dermatologically tested fabric. It is ideal for products directly in contact with the skin, such as bedding and towels.

With all the properties of that, we detail, Why use cotton in bedding? Do you need any more reason to include cotton in your bedding and bedding?