Winter park weather recommendations for visiting

Winter park weather recommendations for visiting

On various occasions, we have highlighted the landscapes, attractions, and trails of the Torres del Paine National Park considered the world’s eighth wonder. And this park does not leave anyone indifferent with its massifs, glaciers, native forests, and waterfalls. But what happens when winter comes and snowfalls? Here, we give you information on how to enjoy the winter park weather in the cold.

Undoubtedly, in winter, the landscape of Torres Del Paine transforms. There are fewer tourists, and the climate becomes more hostile – primarily because of the cold – but that does not mean that it is not a good time to see another side of this popular protected area. However, if you decide to visit the park in the winter season, you should keep certain essential things in mind. Luckily for us, the park administrations have prepared a guide with the main recommendations to take into account when visiting this protected area in winter park weather:

Winter park weather


This season by low temperatures, with a maximum of 5ºC and a minimum of -7ºC. Low-intensity rainfall and sometimes snow is frequent in June and July. In general, the wind is of low intensity, although some days of strong wind are possible, which causes a soft thermal sensation.


The clothing must have technical characteristics (the membrane that guarantees impermeability and breathability) that protect from the effects of water, wind, and cold.

 Standards and recommendations

. Find out about the sectors to visit and activities to be carried out

. Always follow the instructions. When in doubt, consult the park rangers.

. Comply with trail closing times, consider tour times, and always do it with natural light. Check-in at all Ranger stations.

Alert or report any risky conduct or condition

. Cook and camp only in specially authorized and marked places.

According to Law No. 20,653, those who cause a fire risk will be sanctioned with fines, jail, and even expulsion from the country, if they are foreigners.

In addition, for the more adventurous and lovers of hiking, it is essential to consider that between May 1 and September 30 of each year, main trails in the park are closed to the public unless compliance the following requirements.

Paine Grande Massif Circuit (also known as “O”)

Guided groups of at least three people in total, including the Guide, will be authorized to tour the circuit. The group must meet the following requirements:

Request special permission in the administration of the Park (Declaration of responsibility, itinerary, and payroll of the members of the group)

. All members must be of legal age.

Have at least one Guide authorized by CONAF, with a Work License according to

. Municipal Tourism Ordinance of the I. Municipality of Torres del Payne;

Maximum number of clients per Guide: 6

. The group must have a satellite phone since there is no radio coverage throughout the circuit.

. The group must have at least one assistant (can be a porter)

The Guide and the group must comply with the specific regulations of the Ordinance.

 Path “W”

The W circuit will be closed to visitors in the winter months with the following exceptions:

Visitors will be allowed to enter and travel along the W trail only with the accompaniment of a Guide.

The Guide must be authorized by CONAF and with a Work License according to the Municipal Tourism Ordinance of the I. Municipality of Torres del Payne

During the winter, the following trail closing times will apply Administration – Paine Grande: 11:00 a.m. Paine Grande – Administration: 11:00 a.m. Paine Grande – Gray: 2:00 p.m. Paine Grande – Italian: 2:00 p.m. Italian-French Viewpoint: 1:00 p.m.

Trails between Laguna Amarga – Camp. Torres – Base de las Torres viewpoint, subject to confirmation according to weather conditions. 

I will report the status of the trial in Laguna Amarga.

. The following sections will remain closed: French Lookout – British Lookout and

Torres Camp – Japanese

All hikers must register at each camp or refuge where there are CONAF or concession personnel. In the case of the Italian command, the registration must occur at the Paine Grande refuge.