Waverly Bedding Sets

Waverly Bedding Sets

Waverly bedding is known for its diverse range of luxury bedding products. They produce both classical and modern designer beddings. The company was founded in the early 1920s and has since then developed a signature style of designs that stand apart from the other competing brands. They offer comfortable and beautiful bedding options for middle-class homes, which instill grandeur into your bedroom, at a very reasonable cost. Of course, it is a known fact that we spend a considerable amount of time in the bedroom. Because of this, you should design your bedroom in a way that will provide you with solace and comfort, every night after a hard day’s work. Waverly bedding ensembles cater to those needs.


Waverly’s luxury bedding collections include a comforter, pillow shams, and bed skirts. Apart from these, there are many other bedding accessories available, for example, pillows, table covers, and stylish bed sheets. The types of pillows available include body pillows, neck pillows, donut pillows, and lumbar pillows. All these styles have their own benefits so you get a lot of leeway in terms of choosing the best option for you.

A lot of Waverly bedding ensembles come in floral prints, which brighten the room with their fresh and vibrant color patterns. For example, the luxury bedding collections include Waverly’s Somerset Botanical antique gold bedding which is both antique in its look and royal in comfort. Similar are the garden images of parchment bedding and the Chianti antique gold bedding.

Waverly’s luxury bedding ensembles come in many sizes, for example, king size, queen size along full, and twin sizes. As mentioned above, they include pillow shams, cool comforters, and bed skirts. These ensembles offer you a complete set of bedding accessories that beautifully coordinate with each other, and enable you to create a theme for your bedroom. You can purchase additional accessories to enhance your ensemble.

Buy decorative pillows, comforter covers, and European sham pillows to beautify your bedroom even further, and also add more comfort to your sleeping experience. Designers at Waverly combine timeless bedding patterns and exquisite quality fabric to create beautiful designs. You can experience the signature floral patterns of Waverly in the Ballad Bouquet bedding, Garden Images, and Imperial dress bedding ensembles.

Waverly offers various microfiber luxury sheets for different occasions and moods. These sheets are super soft and have a high thread count resulting in a high level of silky smoothness. Available in various different sizes, such as queen size, king size, and full-size sheets, these sheets feature brilliantly printed floral patterns. There are designs for every mood, for example, romantic Victorian floral patterns, country designs that have rich colors and vivid patterns. These bedsheets are also available in linen and cotton, which are highly durable and last longer than ordinary sheets.

There are many online retail stores that stock Waverly bedding ensembles, making it easy for you to browse their vast collections. Also available are bedding collections for kids, which are sure to delight your little loved ones.