My hotel: When renew the bedding in my hotel?

renew the bedding in my hotel

One of the things that travelers who go to a hotel value most are the comfort and cleanliness of the beds. Bed comfort is primarily measured by its mattress, but bedding is important too. If a person gets into a hotel bed and smells clean, sees the sheets impeccable and they are soft to the touch, you will confirm to the gust renew the bedding in my hotel it will make him perceive the bed as more comfortable and pleasant.

If you also include field clothes in the room available in case your guest is cold, they will be happier and value your establishment positively. It is important to frequently renew the bedding of my hotel, so, in addition to doing it at the time when something is damaged, there are times in the year that are perfect for a general overhaul of cabinets.

Winter clothes my hotel

In autumn it is time to take inventory of winter clothing and find out what may be necessary for the hotel to have all the elements so that your clients feel at home. It is time to count the Nordic fillings, the covers, the blankets … But, above all, it is perfect to put aside what may be too damaged.

Buy all the fillings and covers, adding a few more to always have a reserve in case a quilt deteriorates or burns with a cigarette, it is always good to have more. If you do with all this now, you will always be able to have bedding that will be perfect to replace the one that is being washed or for possible emergencies.

Do not forget that many elements of the bedding that may no longer be valid for your hotel may continue to be useful for some people, so before throwing away your used household linen, think about donating it to an association that can distribute it among the people most in need.

My hotel bedding
My hotel bedding

The change of season

At each change of season, a new inventory of bedding sets that the hotel has must be made, and those that are no longer valid for guests must be removed. It is important to remove the sets of sheets before they look excessively worn since excessively used sheets will give a bad image of the hotel, especially if the client finds something broken.

With the change of season, the perfect occasion arises for a general overhaul and to buy what may be needed for the months to come. Of course, this does not mean that every time the beds are made or the clothes are sent to be washed, they must be checked and those that are no longer in good condition or that do not meet the quality standards of the hotel must be removed.

Seasonal hotels

Seasonal hotels are those that open only during the summer, or perhaps, on Easter holidays. For this reason, these hotels do not usually have winter clothing and are limited to having summer or mid-season bedding. In this case, the time to check the clothes is at the end of the season, before the establishment closes.

Many of these hotels open according to weather forecasts or the reservations they receive and ideally they are perfectly prepared to be able to open their doors without missing bedding. Therefore, before the season closes, you must replace your clothes and leave the needs covered for the next season to avoid last-minute surprises.

In these types of hotels, the usual thing is to change mattress and pillow covers at the end of the season or, at least, buy them for when the beds are used again at the beginning of the following season.

Pillow and mattress covers

Pillow and mattress covers should be changed from time to time, as this is where most mites accumulate. Experts always say that a mattress or pillow cover can withstand an average of 70 washes after which it begins to look deteriorated. But everything will depend on the quality of the covers, being able to last much longer, even twice, if they are of very good quality.

This does not mean that it is necessary to wash the pillow and mattress covers after each use, since the outer covers and sheets, now you know that when renewing the bedding in my hotel? But it must be done regularly to avoid odors, not only sweat but also perfumes or cosmetics.