Top Tips for Hosting a Baby Shower

Hosting a Baby Shower

Welcoming a child into the world is a wonderful thing, and a lot of mothers appreciate it when a baby shower is organized with their close friends and family to celebrate this milestone moment. As the mom-to-be will already have plenty of other things to worry about to prepare for her child’s arrival, it can be great for a good friend to take the reigns and plan her party for her. If you are in charge of arranging your close friend or relative’s baby shower this year, here are a few tips to help you prepare for hosting duties.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Make Arrangements

You don’t want to have the baby shower too early on in the pregnancy, but it shouldn’t be too close to the due date, either. As a general rule, aim to have the baby shower about a month before the baby is scheduled to arrive. This will not only give mom something to look forward to before the birth, but it will give you more time to make the necessary arrangements, such as catering, venue hire, etc.

Ask Attendees for Details ASAP

You should find out from the mother whom she would like to have included on the guestlist, and once you have names and numbers, it’s a good idea to reach out straight away to find out which date will work for the majority. Asking for further details such as any food allergies you need to be aware of for catering, for example. The sooner you get this information, the easier it will be to get on with the event planning.

Choosing a Menu

Afternoon tea-style meals are a popular choice and can bring a touch of elegance to the shower. Other options you can explore include tapas, charcuterie boards, cheese and cracker platters, fruit platters, or wood-fired pizzas for some typical crowd-pleasing options. Just remember that any pregnant women attending might not be able to eat certain foods, so take this into account when you are planning the menu.

It’s not just food either, but you’ll also need to serve refreshing beverages at the baby shower to quench people’s thirst. Some sparkling wine and cocktails can be great for anyone not expecting, but make sure there is a range of delicious soft drinks for those who aren’t drinking. If you want to make the shower more impressive, hire a bartender from places like to serve refreshments to your guests.

Hosting a Baby Shower
Hosting a Baby Shower

Gifts and Decorations

Having some gorgeous floral arrangements and other festive decorations will also help to brighten up the shower and help to set the right mood. Cute flag banners and balloons are always a good choice, and you can even spruce up the tables with some baby-themed confetti. You should also set aside a table for gifts so that they stay safe and out of the way until mom is ready to open them.

If you are in charge of planning a baby shower for someone you love this year, use these tips to help you prepare for it and impress your guests.