Poems about winter that is easy to learn for children

40 poems about winter that is easy to learn for children

Here is a selection of children’s poems about winter, which any child can easily study also learn more from kids learning videos.

1. It was snowing on the doorstep (poems about winter)

It was snowing on the doorstep, and

Keith made a cake for himself.

While fried, until the peak,

And the cake drained with water.

The cat did not know that the cake

Needed dough, not snow;

2. Bread crumbs (poems about winter)

From the forest belts, where snowmen are whistling,

Where there is no food and heat,

Gentle tits moved

To the gardens to our village;

In a blizzard, ice, frosts

Tits knock on the window,

With sparrows share on the road A

Crumb of frozen bread and grain.

I treated the birds from the feeder

And finally began to feel

That for someone, a crumb is a trifle,

And for a bird – to live or freeze;

3. It snowed

Dressed warmer, on a

Frosty morning Marynochka

Went out

And stood on the porch;

– How beautiful around!

Everything was covered with

Fluffy and pure

Shiny snow; Green spruce

In a white dress;

Under the snow, as under a blanket,

Plants hid,

So that they would not get

Terrible frosts,

To fall asleep in winter

And come to life in spring.

Let’s get on skis,

Let’s sit in sleds,

We take skates,

To run with an arrow!


Moroz pinch his cheeks jokingly!

Good weather!

Happy winter!

4. Two plus two

Two white snowflakes and two more snowflakes

Flew from the cloud to my palm;

And together it turns out some kind of wonder

And together, it turns out Drop alone!

5. Winter dove


Winter, dove

In a white coat,

We love to run

On your snow; you

Blush everyone’s face

At this time

And arrange skating rinks

In our yard;

  1. on skis

The snow fell fresh,

The white way became famous –

I will take fast skis,

Wormwood like a bird;

Snow-covered road

Disappears somewhere in the mist –

If only I could fly

On a blue spire;

To the distant Verkhovyna,

Dreaming in the north,

To the quiet meadow, to the

Charming Carpathians!

7. Strange flowers


Strange flowers


On window glass window;

This Frost

Dreamed of

Spring Night;

8. Spruce

Gray mother-winter

Young Christmas

Tree Dressed stealthily

In a snow skirt;

The spruce shook the snow


For the green attire

To the faces of the fir-trees;

In their attire,

Young fir trees are

Very cute, radiant

On New Year’s holidays;

9. Merry snow

It was snowing; it was

Snowing –

For all, all, all,

And adults and children,

And all and sad;

To all who proudly blew their noses?

He quietly sat on their noses.

And gaped, as if for laughter,

Snow flew into his mouth.


Verdi got behind his collar

And brought him to tears;

And the merry ones played snowballs –

Snow sat on their smiles

And laughed with everyone;

– Oh, winter, winter, winter!

poems about winter

10. Vikhroli

Whirlwind, whirlwind

I went to the frost,

Sleds painted,


Grasshopper’s bunnies,

Gray Runners;

The sleigh sped up, the

Bunnies were frightened,

Vikhroli jumped,

Spun in the field;

Vikhroli, viola,

Where did you go!

11. Oh, snowflakes are flying


Oh, snowflakes are flying, flying,

On houses, on Christmas trees,

On roads, on fields –

White-white all earth!

Snowflakes, snow…

Hello, holiday – New Year!

Santa Claus came out of the hut,

Stopped at the Christmas tree,

We are waiting for the snow

In a silver-white coat;

In the lights, the Christmas tree shines,

And the Snow Maiden sings:

– Dear winter-winter!

No more fun than you!

12. Skating rinks

I have skates,

Naughty skates;

The only morning comes – They are

Already on the street;

They liked the ice very much –

I was late for lunch.

And my mother said to me:

– Just grief with skates!

Such skates,


13. Bullfinches

From where they came across the

Hundred-voiced herd

And scattered in the field

Above the scattered grain;


They sang, rang,

Kobzars played as if…

Where did the merry flock come from?

Zharogrudny bullfinches

Here they fell on the snow

And blossomed like flowers…

In the mountains, pink poppy

So the beds bloom.

Suddenly at once, a herd of wings

Dangerous heard something.

He rose and a branched oak.

Turned into a rose bush;

What a minute – and, as in a fairy tale,

At once showered with flowers

And in the wind over the snow

Bullfinches flew.

14. on the sled

I fly, I fly, I fly – I

Ride to my heart’s content.

Everything down, down, down –

Past pines and birches.

I lead, lead, and lead –

Sleds on a leash,

Because from a mountain sleds fly,

And on a mountain – do not want…

15. January

Look, January is coming, the

New Year is coming to us.

Two snowflakes circled,

Quietly sat down on the Christmas tree,

And the Christmas tree flaunts,

Decorates her skirt –

Colored balls,

Colorful snowballs,

Because going, baby,

Come to us for a holiday.

16. Guest of winter

Here and again, winter white-browed

Whitewashed fields and houses,

Blossomed in hoarfrost oak,

Across the river leads bridges.

Winter is in a hurry,

Frost is

Driving, colds: Soon, soon, from a distant land, the

New Year will come here.

Under the whirl of merry snowflakes

We began to prepare,

To meet in the light of Christmas trees

The dearest guest of winter;

17. Butterflies

The merry

Cranes are gone and gone. Winter shakes

From the sleeve of a butterfly

We catch butterflies,

We jump, we run, and we carry

On a down carpet

To the house;

18. December

December is coming quietly, the

Earth is covered with snow. Just look

Here –

Yes, it’s a bunny trail.

Where did our gray hide? –

He dressed in a white coat.

The bunny is no longer afraid of

Wolves or foxes;

19. Green Island

White silence fell on the ground,

In the New Year – everything is new.

January snow pleases the eye,

But the frost tears the ear.

Already buried from the frost

Under the mounds in the garden;

Like bears in a den,

Viburnum bushes, lilac bush.

But like a green island of summer,

There is a pine tree behind the gate,

Although it is sad for her to be

Alone in the winter camp;

I trampled on the white silence

Creeping path to the pine: The

Two of us will be more fun to

Winter until spring;

20. Forest tree

White snow fell in the forest, the

New Year is coming. Beasts

began to think,

How to meet a wonderful holiday;

– Here is a green Christmas tree,

Neither big nor small;

We will decorate it; we will

Sing songs.

Squirrel brought nuts,

Hedgehog – mushrooms and cones, Teddy

Bear – gingerbread

And delicious honey;

Woodpeckers, bullfinches, and tits

Sat on the Christmas tree

And said:”

We will decorate the lush pine needles.”

Very beautiful and luxurious

The animals got a Christmas tree!

21. My Christmas tree

Green Christmas tree,

My Christmas tree!

How beautiful you are,

How small you are!

I’ll even

Hug you around the hug



I’ll take Snow Maiden from the twig to play.

Don’t be angry, Christmas tree!

I’m only for a moment!

I want that Snow Maiden to

Teach carols!

22. Winter song

Zimonko, where are you?

Tilt the snow.

We will meet you

With skis and sleds,

With skates on ice;

And winter shouts: – I go!

23. Song of Snowflakes

Winter is our mother,

And the cloud is our house.

We are all equal sisters,

Snowflakes are princesses.

Our grasshopper, the fast wind,

It carries us around the world;

Lanam orphans we

Weave a warm carpet.


Weave a shirt for the poor kindergarten Topeka.

And even every trial is

Dressed in clothes;

We like to dance,

Fly and whirl,

And when the wind

Dies down – Lie down and rest;

24. Winter is visiting us

Flying, flying snowflakes

On the field, forest, and garden,

Cheerful dance

Dancing snowfall;

Outside – fierce cold,

no heat for a long time.

Climbed into a bunny, bunny

And sweetly dozed;

He sweeps the tail of a fox

Snowball near a pine tree.

A bear sleeps in a den,

Sweet dreams.

25. Levi

And my trees

Look like lions.

Together paws folded

In the mane hid.

And who says: lions,

Crystal lions;

Together paws folded

In the mane hid.

Oh, it snowed – the

Lions did not laugh.

Together paws folded

In the mane hid.

26. Winter and spring

“I will raise my eyebrows,” says winter,

“And the wind will blow with frost:

Everything will perish everywhere — there is no salvation!”

Under the snow will freeze, numb.

– And I will laugh – spring refuses,

– And the sun shines

Brightly: Meadows, woods, and fields will

Wake up; everything will blossom, will sing.

27. Snow construction

Snow construction! Snow construction!

We have made constructions the

A child carries snow –

In the yard, the mountain grows.


From snow, we make bricks, we put

High walls;

Are you frozen? Let’s go

Build a snow house!

28. Snow, white snowball

Snow, white snowball!

Sprinkle the track!

Embankment of the whole mountain

Near this yard;

Here children are small, to

Walk Radecki,

At the small voices,

As silver bells;

29. Winter

The day outside the white-white,

White all around –

Like swans flying

And destroyed down…

Like cherries in the garden

The wind tore the flower…

Like new shirt Lions

Early in the morning, absorbed…

White horse spozarannya

White running through…

Drew on white sleigh snow;

30. Winter is about to approach (poems about winter)

Lush flowers withered, the

Autumn garden calmed down. Cold November

Fell in the fog

Slowly at dawn

Brede he in the steppes,

Where the last leaf

Light frost vanished.

The echoes

Died down in the fields, the tractors fell silent,

And the

Winds blew over the green fleece.

Winter is about to come,

In the snow, the earth will fall asleep,

And the song of a blizzard will

Play over it;

Towards the winged winds

Into the valley to the river

From the slide on

Sledges Kids rush.

31. Goes in a fur coat Santa Claus (poems about winter)


Bullfinches blush

In the snow under a linden tree;

Santa Claus is

Walking in a fur coat – It’s snowing.

Stopped in the yard,

Untied the bag to

Our snowman Tied a


32. for fun (poems about winter)

Under the windows, Frost

Walks, squints,

Then looks in the garden,

Then on the street:

– Where are these little kids?


But are they really

Scared of me?

I will not harm them


Only a nose will pinch

For pote check!

33. February (poems about winter)

The fierce frost cries out –

Let the kids run away.

Then the armhole to the ankles – I put on a

Fur coat,

I start playing snowballs –

He grabs the little hands, I

Put on gloves –

And the frost pinches his cheeks.

34. Snowflakes (poems about winter)

White snowflakes fly by

And shine silvery in the sun.

Mom, Mom, why

Can’t I catch snowflakes?

It already seems that I seem to catch,

And open my hand: no!

Only water flows from the palm.

Only water in the palm itself;

Mom says to Donna in surprise:

– Do you know why this is so?

Because you have a warm palm,

And the snow melts from the heat.

And the daughter thought for a moment,

Put on her glove.

“Mom,” he says, “now I’ll

Probably catch a snowflake!”

35. Winter (poems about winter)

Boris got out of bed,

To the window – white everywhere.

Something flies like a flower

Falling asleep the whole world.

“Mother,” cried Boris,”

Look out the window!”

No roads, no trails! ”

Mom says, “It’s snow.

Autumn is gone and gone,

Winter has come to us.

So many white waves,

Because there was a blizzard here;”

“Mom, mom, look;

From black to white forest;

Someone crossed it out on the windows. ”

Mom says, “It’s cold.”

36. Snowflakes (poems about winter)

Thin snowflakes

Sit on me,

I’m for a Christmas tree,

Probably considered;

They don’t know snowflakes –

Thin smiles,

That I am not a Christmas tree,

And just – Olenka!

37. A catwalks across the ice…(poems about winter)

A cat walks across the ice of

Chornolapo for lunch;

When he hears:

His winter is a white call.

– Why do you go through the ice?

And leave a black mark?

“Because I’m black,” says the cat. ”

I leave a black mark.”

If you are white yourself,

Then white is dark here.

And the cat went through the ice of

Chornolapo for lunch;

Winter became sad:

Spring followed the cat!

38. Whiteflies flew –(poems about winter)

Whiteflies flew – The

The whole yard turned white.

Do not count the whiteflies

That flies like fluff.

–  Lazy, you sleep! –


Ran to the sled;

Everyone from the mountain flies with all their might.

To catch whitefly,

And sleds to them all

Made by old Maxim

39. It’s snowing (poems about winter)

It’s snowing; it’s snowing,

White dance at your feet;

White shoe knots

Already crows and tits;

White steel chimneys,

Snow swirls above.

White handkerchief in dog rose,

White dress in spruce,

Silver and white stitches,

White in maple shirts;

It’s snowing; it’s snowing,

Laying a carpet on the doorstep;

40. Snowflakes (poems about winter)

White-white swans


Gentle down-feathers covered the


I caught one snowflake,

But she

Suddenly became a tear. Have fun

, snowflakes,

Have fun,

Only warm palms