Pellet stoves, a revolution in home heating

Pellet stoves, a revolution in home heating

Can you imagine being able to heat your home from renewable energy? Well, through pellet stoves, you can do it. In this article, we share what they are, how they work, and, above all, what are their main benefits. Find out!

What are pellets?

Before actually talking about pellet stoves, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of this word if it is the first time you read it. Pellets are a type of biomass fuel that is made from wood.

The biomass is organic matter decomposed (wood, fruit scraps or other compounds), serving as an energy source. Therefore, it is an excellent way to use and recycle surplus agricultural. The pellets are cylinders of sawdust (residual wood, industrial and agricultural residues, among others) pressed at high pressure, without any other additive or binder other than the wood itself.


They usually measure about 5 or 6 millimeters in diameter and about 10 to 25 millimeters long. They should be stored in a place without humidity (so they do not swell) and are usually sold by the kilo. For this reason, pellets, or wood pellets, are considered ecological and emission-free fuels.

Importance of pellets

The importance of these small materials lies in their great calorific power (it is calculated that two kilos of pellets produce the same as one liter of diesel and that they can reach 4.9 kWh / Kg); at the same time, they emit a low level of carbon dioxide ( CO2 ), practically invisible for the greenhouse effect.


These pellets can be easily stacked, take up less space than other fuels (firewood, for example), and, very importantly, do not present a risk of explosion. Also, they are clean: they leave little residue (such as ash) after being used. Also, these ashes are 100% biodegradable and can be used as compost.

This material’s price is also essential since it remains more or less stable, unlike the cost of fossil fuels, such as diesel or conventional electricity, whose prices can vary according to consumption and even the country in which alive.

Pellet stoves

What is a pellet stove, and how does it work?

This type of stove uses wood as an energy resource to generate heat. Although today there are different types of pellet stoves, their operation is practically the same:

For starters, pellet stoves are usually automatic. They have a remote to program them and a thermostat to control what temperature you want it to turn off. Therefore, they require an electrical outlet. That is already practical, in the style of conventional heating, but this time without polluting.

Pellet stoves require a smoke outlet, and their installation is quite simple, so it is expected that you place it in a space such as a living room or a place that you want to heat quickly and without spending much. But, if it is freezing or the house is large, the most logical thing is that it serves more as a compliment than as a general heating system.

Another critical point is that pellet stoves take advantage of the residual heat from the smoke to generate more heating. Also, many will likely like that it does not produce odors, although others will be disgusted since they generate a little noise when operating. What will convince everyone is that the pellets do not present any health risk in leakage or spillage.

Types of pellet stoves

As we mentioned before, there are several types of pellet stoves, which we present below:

Duct stoves

As its name indicates, this pellet stove can channel hot air through different ducts that it has in its structure. Thus, it is the ideal stove to distribute the air through various rooms and maintain the perfect temperature in each of them.

Air stoves

Pellet-type air stoves have in their interior structure a fan that is capable of expelling hot air to the outside and, thus, offering you the best sustainable heating in the room of your home. This type of stove has several powers so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Thermo stoves

Finally, we present thermal stoves. Unlike the previous ones, this one can heat the water quickly and take it through its circuit to offer you heat. Depending on the thermo stove you select, you can also find options that use underfloor heating to generate heat. 

Why use pellet stoves?

You already know the characteristics of this type of stove; however, why should you install one of them in your home? We will explain it to you below:

. Less pollution: if you want to take care of the environment, pellet stoves will help you to do so due to their main component: pellets that, as we mentioned before, generate few CO2 emissions and are 100% renewable.

. More heat: its high calorific value will surprise you. A pellet stove can heat a room quickly and constantly; also, it will do so naturally.

. Lower costs: if you already want to start saving money on your electricity bill, it is best to opt for a pellet stove. Its control can be done electronically, programmable, and remotely; Also, it will consume less electricity than you think.

Tips for taking care of your pellet stove

We know that you want to heat your home quickly and constantly once winter arrives. However, to be able to do it from your pellet stove, you must keep it in perfect condition and, for this; you will have to follow some tips, such as the ones we discuss below:

. To install and enjoy your pellet stove, you must have 100 W per m2 if your home is not adequately insulated. If it is, it is recommended to have a power of 70 W per m2.

. Maintaining your stove is essential. It is recommended to remove the pellet waste at least once a week, and, for more excellent safety, it is best to have your stove checked by an expert at least every two years.

. As we mentioned before, pellet stoves have a smoke outlet. Therefore, this should preferably be located on the roof of your home.

. Finally, the best place to locate your pellet stove will be away from flammable objects or objects that can be affected by heat.

By following the above tips, you will make your pellet stove last much longer, and, ultimately, you will enjoy the results that this innovative sustainable heating system is capable of giving you.