Marry a man: How to get a man to marry you

Marry a man

Marry a man; how to get? Even if he doesn’t want to. How do you do it appropriately so as not to miss or lose it? Every woman meets a man who dreams that everything will end with a wedding. And it is so natural in men’s minds that they experience great fear when deciding to start a family. It has always been the case that for women, the stamp on the passport plays a vital role in family life. At the same time, men never considered it an essential part of a relationship. But can a girl force a man to marry – to take such an important step? Moving isn’t easy, but it is possible to direct to the proper path.

Suppose you have decided to use your trick and postpone the wedding; remember that men do not precisely like marriage. In that case, this can further alienate your loved one. In this case, you will work with your husband’s faith, and it will most likely take a lot of time, maybe a few months or a year, but the end always justifies the means. Use these tips; perhaps they will help you fulfill your main dream.

Six steps to conquering marry a man

  • Find out his position on marriage. As mentioned before, men are terrified of marriage. For you, the main task at this stage is to find out how he generally relates to the wedding, what the creation of a family for him is, and whether he has plans to get married someday. It can do it with guiding questions after watching a movie where the relationship ended in marriage or discussing a friend’s wedding. Ask him how he feels about it, how to relate to people deciding to take such an important step, etc. The most important thing is not to be intrusive, don’t ask too many questions about this.
  • Overcome the argument. If at the previous stage you found out that your chosen one is in no rush to get married, nor that marriage will change his life for the better, in this case, you need to try hard to convince him. Your main task is to give him more proof that you will be even happier after you start a family. How to do it? Movies with a beautiful ending, where everything ends with a wedding, will help you and everyone was happy with it. Take your loved ones to such a film, dump them. If your man loves to read, give him a book with a romantic plot, and throw articles on the Internet. Try to communicate more with happy couples; perhaps your loved one, who is in such a company, will understand that it is time for him to start a family.
  • Make friends with your husband’s family. It is essential not only to have a good relationship with your loved one’s family but also to leave an unforgettable impression on them. Your most crucial ally will be your beloved mother. You must show her that you are the perfect wife for her son. Agree with her in everything; let yourself feel everything she likes. Just be her friend. After all, everyone knows that a man chooses a woman who is somewhat similar to his mother.
  • Be the primary support for your husband. Make him feel that you are his half, that he cannot live without you. Support him always and in everything, praise him, think of him. Give him a pleasant surprise and do not limit your man’s freedom – trust him.
  • Add variety to your life. Be interesting, curious, and find new hobbies. It is essential for men when a woman is different. The monotonous life can tire him, and he will forget the word “wedding” altogether.
  • The fantasy of family life. By working with a person’s faith, in psychology, there is such a model of behavior as “if only …”. In this situation, you must behave in a relationship with a man as if you are already married. If you live together, ensure a warm and delicious dinner, a clean apartment, and a caring and smiling mistress are always waiting at your beloved’s home. Suppose this is important to him; he feels cared for and supported in such conditions. In that case, he will stop being afraid of a new stage in your relationship and will understand that he will always be with you so well, even when you get married.
Marry a man
Marry a man

As you follow these tips, also know that men don’t like it when women talk about marriage as an end. It makes you distrustful. Always watch what you say in battle because men are very vindictive, and once a bad word in his direction will not play into your hands.

Dear women, remember that marriage will never solve your problems. Sooner or later, the moment will come when you “will see,” and then nothing will save your relationship. Suppose he quickly succumbed to your persuasion before the wedding. In that case, it does not mean that your loved one will equally fulfill the obligations imposed on him in family life. The most important thing is not to force a person to marry but to preserve the marriage, which is extremely rare in our time. Be patient and wait because if he loves, he will not let go.