Think like a horse riding during the winter

think like a horse

Although the goal is to train a horse for horseback riding in the summer or longer rides, it is essential to enjoy the horse in terms of riding equipment and weather in the winter to be well trained when the summer comes. Then take on outdoor activities and travel even or longer horseback rides; think like a horse.

A trainer and riding instructor want to look back a little and think like a horse of the process further back in time. He is concerned that obesity in horses has been a growing problem in recent years. Therefore, the horse’s condition when released in the autumn is essential. If people do not themselves have experience of having horses in the pasture, it is critical, in his opinion, to think like a horse that people receive guidance.

A resilient and robust horse in moderate flesh is quick to get in shape.

The horses must be on suitable pastures and have water and shelter. Still, the pastures are not such that they plunge them into obesity. It applies equally to summer pastures and autumn and winter work. “I see it increasingly that horses have become too fat here in Iceland. It has become a big problem. They are on solid land, have a lot of fodder, and even keep rolling in autumn or later in winter. When horses have become stiff and heavy over their mates, it is a sign that this has reached a point where we need to intervene because then diabetes is short-lived, and the result is usually a restraint. Then we are in a terrible situation. After these horses get stuck in their mate like this, there is not a long way to go before they start to stiffen in their joints, and the final stage is a moderate barrier.

If horses are starting to get stuck in a Mack, it can take many months to get them back; if it succeeds, then over the head. In my opinion, think like a horse. It is essential to monitor this. “

Trainer believes that muscle memory or endurance in physical activity is something called muscle memory. He says this has happened to horses. If a horse is in good shape in the autumn, robust, durable and efficient and not too fat, it should not be to blame even if it stands for two to three months. If it is ingested in a suitable amount of meat, it will not take long to get in shape.

Riding begins after ironing, giving anthelmintic, brushing teeth, and more to prepare the horse for training. think like a horse “People do not have to be shy just to get on and ride out in good weather on a tamed horse.”

think like a horse

Teams have a variety of purposes and benefits.

The Trainer places excellent emphasis on teaming horses on another horse. “It is precious, and it should be a matter of course in the training of all horses that the horses get along well with other horses. A horse rider will start with his two horses, and the horse is not tamed at all. Having just returned from training, it is not certain that he will seek the services of the same person again. Apart from that, this is such a quality that it has so many different purposes and advantages, among other things, to trim the horse without being on it all the time.

It is also essential to ensure that the horse sees a purpose in putting in the effort. Teaming the horse with others where there is nothing unknown to them and being together is fun without conflict; it is my experience that the horses see much more purpose and are satisfied and happy. Suppose there are two or three horses together, and there is no misunderstanding between them. In that case, you can enjoy being on your back, and it is great fun if you can be so undisturbed. “

It is important to start slowly.

At the beginning of the training, Trainer finds it appropriate to move the horse for 30-40 minutes. Then he rides calmly and quite a lot on trot. Trainer says it does not deal much with the horses apart from deciding on speed and gait. He has supported it if he asks for something more related to the passage of gait or emphasis.

“If you have more than one horse, it is good that a horse is tamed every third time. Suppose you have tamed and good horses and have one on a leash. In that case, it is obvious to change on the way, but then everything has to be tension-free and safe and that you have the horses with you so that you do not get into trouble. Of course, it is also enjoyable to ride a single horse. Then you are two or two together and out of yourselves.

Although horses are a bit different to team up with, some get excited about the heavy traffic of horses around them, so it is good to choose horses well together so that everything will be conflict-free and exciting. It is a prerequisite because otherwise, it will not work. It is like everything else that needs to be prepared. There is a certain amount of work involved in choosing horses and getting them used to it, but it pays off so much that it always pays off.

If you have a tamed horse or an older horse, there is nothing wrong with riding him on tölt and trot, and you do not have to have any special skills even if he is coming in after standing for some time. The most important thing is to do this only in the mild heat and have a suitably large variety between gaits. It’s a good idea to have him jump up a slope outside and do things like that. Although riding is the top priority for most horsemen, there is nothing wrong with working with a horse inside a stable or riding stable as well and taking that preparation with you on the rides “.

Good peace of mind and well-chosen fellow riders

“But first and foremost, you and your horse need peace of mind. Whether riding out or inside a riding hall, everyone needs to be careful not to damage others, i.e. not to create unnecessary tension around the horses. If that happens, think like a horse. The rider may not keep the horse entirely with him and even not control the horse’s speed. “

Benedict gives more good advice. He says that it is good to think about and prepare before going behind. The preparation can include letting the horse out before going on a ride. Allow him to roll over or run. All this reduces the tension in the horse. It is good to understand what the horse is and prepare it accordingly.

He says that you also have to choose fellow riders who fit and not disturb each other. “I say this without hesitation,” he says. “Some horses are susceptible to the fact that if they are ridden a little faster than their tolerance limits allow in connection with gaits and puffiness. That’s why we need to think about how we want to have the ride and what we need to do to make it a success. It all needs to be thought out in advance. The main thing is to come home with the horses satisfied and considered. They may be a little tired but slack and happy. Think like a horse. That’s a huge issue. “

You can ride around the country on some well-trained horses.

“With continued training, it is good if people can move their horses every other day, or five times a week. Gradually the horse gets into training, and on a good weather day, it is okay to go on a two to three-hour ride with more than one horse and have a horse change. It is essential to take an ongoing journey, not ride on foot and then accelerate when going further. Although I wouldn’t say I like to go far on one horse, it is, of course, possible. But it is always such a great reward for the horse to get rid of him before he gets tired and allow him to run with him. If people go far on one horse, you have to ride a lot on foot in between.

In general, it is appropriate for average riding trips in winter to be 3-5 km if you are riding on an even, calmer ride. When the day starts to lengthen, can extend up the ride to 3-4 hours, but then it is fun to have a horse on a leash to have a change of horses. In severe frosts, a horse should not be ridden for long and not fast, not at all so that he becomes a mother because it can hurt the lungs. “

Trainer believes that you can have highly well-prepared horses to enjoy going on horseback rides and trips during the summer if things are going well. Suppose you have two or three, even more, well-trained horses. In that case, you can ride around the country as long as the horses never get tired, get behind them tirelessly and change horses often to keep them happy; think like a horse.