Dry skin: How can I get rid of dry skin in winter?

dry skin in winter

Dry skin, find out why the skin dries in the frost and what needs to be done to bring it to a healthy look and relieve it of dryness during the cold season. Recipes for effective homemade masks. When cold weather begins, the skin becomes too dry. Even owners of oily skin face such a problem. Getting a good moisturizer does not save the day. To prevent dryness of the dermis during the cold season, an integrated approach is needed with a revision of many habits.

Dry skin in cold weather reasons

In the cold season, damp skin loses moisture more intensely than in summer. It’s all to blame for the destruction of the natural water lipid layer due to the negative effects of cold winds, refreshing frosts, and dry indoor air. Air-dried with heating equipment literally reduces the invigorating moisture from skin cells and thus prevents regeneration and sebaceous glands. As a result, the skin becomes sandpaper, wrinkles appear, and discomfort and itching appear.

What to do

Three traditional principles of beautiful skin – cleansing, refreshing and moisturizing – in the cold season must be replaced by more intensive care, which includes cleansing, nourishment, and protection.

Physical therapy in cold weather

During the cold season, the skin on the body suffers even more than on the face. It’s all about blaming the constant friction on warm clothes, which cause trauma and dry up the top layer of the skin. Consider good hygiene to minimize the feeling of tightness and dryness on the skin.

Avoid taking too hot showers to avoid drying out the skin. Also, shorten the shower time to avoid washing natural oils that fully protect the skin.

Avoid using a gel cleanser. Replace it with a moisturizing gel or soap. A little oil should be added to the body scrub. A great choice would be olive oil, flaxseed, and almonds. You can make a coffee scrub by adding oil with your own hands. After that, the skin will be well cleansed and moisturized.

The body milk is one essential product for body treatment in cold weather. Apply it on the skin at least every other day. It is best to do this immediately after taking a shower or bath. You can also add a little oil to this product. The effect of using it will be greater. You can create your own emollient body treatment that can be great instead of the milk that is traded in. Pour 100 ml of water into a spray bottle, and add a teaspoon of cosmetic oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Shake the container and immediately spray the product on the body. Particular attention should be paid to elbows and heels, as the skin usually suffers from dryness and cracks. Use a nourishing cream or lotion in the morning for this part of the body and make it work all day long. Important rules:

  • It is better to postpone hydration in the evening so that the moisture lost by the skin can improve during sleep;
  • Do not dry after a shower or bath, but just pat the skin lightly with a towel;
  • Preferably soap or shower gel with coconut or cocoa butter.

Cold face protection

Be sure to prescribe a nourishing cream with a greasy and thick texture to your beauty bag. It will be better if its composition is enriched with vitamins. Use it 20-30 minutes before going out. Set a moisturizer aside for spring, as in cold weather they can cause atherosclerosis and lead to hypothermia in the skin.

During the cold season, scrub should not be overused. If they can be used in the summer once a week, then in the winter they will be used once a month.

Effective masks

Focus on nourishing the skin. Do not be lazy to make masks with your own hands. The easiest option is the wheat germ oil mask. It moisturizes perfectly and softens the skin. Simply apply the oil on previously cleansed skin, wait for 20 minutes and then remove with a damp cotton swab or dish. Do not leave the oil overnight as it is too greasy and heavy. You can use lighter oils such as almond or grape seeds.

A homemade mask of this combination has proven itself well: 1 tsp. fat sour cream, 1 tsp. carrot juice drops of honey and a few drops of any oil. The mask quickly removes peeling, and dryness and gives the face a healthy complexion. During the cold season, do it once a week as a preventative measure and you will not experience problems with dry skin?

dry skin in winter
dry skin in winter

Hand help in the cold season

Always wear gloves or mittens, even if your hands are not cold. The temperature does not drop as much as possible for the skin on the hands.

Make it a habit to dry your hands after each wash and lubricate them with nourishing cream. Do not wash your hands with hot water, as this may increase dryness and peeling. It is better to refuse a moisturizer for hands in the cold season. Instead, get some sunscreen and use it before going out.

Pamper your hands with masks and a bath. For the latter, sea salt and potato starch, milk whey, and herbal extract are suitable. The main thing is to perform these actions regularly.

If you do not have time to take care of your hands, get special silicone gloves to shave your hands. It is enough to put them on for 15-20 minutes and the skin on the hands becomes soft, silky soft, and moist again. Gloves like this can be reused.