How to Aerate Your Pond and Increase Water Oxygen Content

Increase Water Oxygen Content

Having a pond is more than just adding an eye-catching feature to your garden. It requires time and maintenance to keep it healthy and clean throughout the year. One of the most important elements for any pond owner is to retain high oxygen levels in the interests of its ecosystem.

Fish absorb oxygen into their bloodstream to remain healthful, but oxygen is also necessary to break down harmful bacteria that could cause damage to pond life.

There are many causes of low oxygen – one of which is high water temperatures and the other is algae growth, both of which need to be managed carefully – particularly during the summer.

With this in mind, knowing how to aerate your pond and increase water oxygen content will ensure your pond is in the best possible condition.

Take a look at the pointers below:

1.   Install a pond air pump

One of the best ways to increase the oxygen in your pond is with a pond air pump. It is typically placed at the side of the pond in which a small hosepipe pushes the air through an air stone before entering the water. As a result, bubbles are formed in the water, which pop as soon as they hit the surface, thus, stimulating movement and improving oxygen levels. You can find Pond Aerators at Another beneficial aspect of air pumps is that they can prevent ice from forming during the winter by keeping the water flowing as opposed to freezing over.

2.   Add a water fountain

Another way of generating oxygen content within the pond is with a water fountain, through the act of the jets generating water at a force and hitting the pond surface. Ideally, the fountain should be placed at a height that gives enough time for the oxygen to work its way into the pond as the fountain water hits the surface.

Not only that, but fountains also add a striking feature to your pond, which certainly has the ability to transform any garden. When shopping for a water fountain, be aware that it comes in various sizes and types, so it would be worth doing your research beforehand.

Increase Water Oxygen Content
Increase Water Oxygen Content

3.   Oxygenator plants

Did you know that some plants can increase the oxygen in your pond? Known as oxygenators, they settle on the base of the pond and exhale oxygen into the water throughout the day. Interestingly, while oxygen is constantly released during the day, these plants instead release carbon dioxide at night, but the contradiction balances out. It would be highly advised to keep oxygenators under control, as their fast-growing nature could overwhelm the pond space.

4.   Spray water from the hose

If you haven’t managed to purchase a pond aerator or water fountain yet, a last-minute tactic would be to spray water into the pond from the hosepipe, as this stimulates movement in the same way. The only downfall is that this is only a temporary solution, so purchasing the correct equipment would be advised for long-term use.