Heat sources, to heat your home in winter

7 heat sources to heat your home in winter

We help you choose the right heat sources for your home. This article really helps those persons when they are living

the still in the cold area in this winter season.

1-Pellet Stoves

Room size: Recommended for heating up to 120 m²

Characteristics: Pellet fuel, high heat efficiency. They need a smoke outlet and a plug. The duct-able ones allow heat sources in several rooms.

Advantages: Automatic and programmable ignition, ecological and with low consumption.

High level of comfort: A single fuel load can last several days.

heat sources

2-Wood stoves

Room size: Recommended for heating rooms up to 120 m²

Characteristics: They can be made of cast iron or steel. The steel ones take less time to heat up, but the cast iron ones keep the heat longer.

Advantages: For their installation, they only need a connection to the smoke outlet. They do not have electronics so the heat sources probability of failure is lower. Less maintenance;

3-Wood fireplaces

Room size: They heat between 20 and 30 m²

Characteristics: They have low calorific efficiency since most of the calories that are generated are lost through the smoke evacuation ducts.

Advantages: They convey a cozy feeling in the room due to their decorative effect.

4-Wood fires

Room size: They heat up to 100 m²

Characteristics: They optimize the heat up to 50% compared to an open fireplace. They are installed in a chimney hole. They do not have a fan

Advantages: High calorific value

5-Inserts or Wood Cassettes

Room size: They heat up to 100 m²

Features: The home is accessed through glass doors. It has a fan, and therefore the combustion is more efficient and safe. They have a glass door.

Advantages: Greater efficiency in air distribution thanks to its fans. It can heat sources  several rooms (in case of being a duct able appliance)

6-Gas stoves

Room size: They heat between 10m²-30m²

Characteristics: It generates heat by combustion of a gas, generally butane, in a burner in the atmosphere that emits the heat.

Advantages: Economic. They give heat immediately.

7-Biotanol / electric stoves

Room dimension:  Small spaces: living rooms, offices, or bedrooms. Its use is mainly decorative.

Characteristics: They do not need a connection to the smoke outlet; they offer clean combustion without residues.

Advantages: Economic. Very aesthetic, safe, mobile, and do not pollute.

You can find all types of stoves, inserts, etc. in our Heating brochure, or go to the multiple stores closest to you.