Moving House to the UK?

moving house

Relocating to a new place always has its challenges and there are extra things to consider if you are moving house to the UK.

This is a list of moving tips, when you are coming in from abroad to rent or buy in England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.

Quotes from UK removal services

If you already have a new home sorted, then getting your furniture and personal effects safely delivered will no doubt be a top priority?

You could use a company from your country, but there are advantages to shopping around for UK-based removal firms who travel internationally. They can collect your belongings and will know enough about the UK road system to get your things to their new destination as quickly and safely as possible,

If you haven’t sorted a place to live here yet, find a central location to store your belongings temporarily.

The convenience of self-storage units

Getting a free quote from Safestore Birmingham enables you to put your belongings somewhere in the heart of England, ready for the onward transition when you choose somewhere to put down roots.

Having this option available also means you can store things for longer periods if you can’t fit everything you bring with you into your new home in the UK!

Last-minute questions for sellers/landlords

With removal services and Safestore Birmingham in place, there are things you should ask before moving house to the UK.

For example:

  • Where is your property’s stopcock (the tap that turns the water supply off and on)?
  • Are you tied into utility providers (gas, electricity, and water), or can you shop around for quotes?
  • Is there broadband and a telephone line already provided?
  • Where are the utility meters located, and is supply currently on or off?
  • Where are the heating thermostat and controls?
  • What is the Council Tax for your property (an amount paid to the local authority that varies around the UK and between property types)?
  • What day do local waste services visit the property?
  • Where can you find the instruction manuals and warranties for electrical items?

Insurance matters

Though your belongings will be well taken care of in Safestore Birmingham, you have a lot of stages to get through between leaving your current home and completing your move to the UK. It’s important to make sure everything coming with you is covered by insurance throughout this transition.

Especially any valuables or heirlooms, which need to be properly covered for every risk and every part of your move.

Leave time to explore

The last recommendation if you’re moving house to the UK is that you arrive a few days before starting your job or studies.

There will be lots of new things to see and do in your locality, and it can help you get settled better if you introduce yourself to your neighbors and check out local shops, parks, beaches, and other leisure options.

Websites like Time Out can help with this. Enjoy!