Apple jam for the winter

Apple jam for the winter

Apple jam is a delicious preparation for the winter, which can be spread on toast, eaten with fresh bread and tea, and used to make various pastries – pies, pies, rolls, and buns. It perfectly complements pudding, pancakes, and cheesecakes. However, this delicacy is not only tasty but also very useful because, unlike store-bought jam, it is free from preservatives, thickeners, and emulsifiers. And if you add a little spice during cooking, you get an oriental jam with a burning taste, which warms up nicely in the cold season.

Features of the selection of fruits for harvesting for the winter. TOP-9 recipes for delicious apple jam-classic with citrus, strawberries, plums, bananas, spices, and condensed milk.

Features of making apple jam for the winter

Before making apple jam, you should choose the fruit. Everyone wants to do – small, not very beautiful, wrinkled, broken, with some damage. You can cut them with a knife. However, of course, it should not be too ripe and rotten.

You can use apples of any variety and ripeness, soft or unripe; the amount of sugar is controlled during cooking. If the fruit is lovely, add a little citric acid or citrus – half a lemon or orange. However, it is better to take a sweet and sour variety so that the finished product does not turn out to be sugary.

If desired, various spices are added to the applesauce, usually cinnamon, cloves, anise, star anise, allspice, cardamom, and vanilla. You can add an alcoholic accent by adding a little rum or liquor. Fresh mint will help you get a new taste.

Regardless of the recipe for apple jam, the technique for its preparation is about the same:

  • Affected fruits must be washed thoroughly, especially if they are not home-baked but store-bought, remove all damaged, broken, rotten, and wormy areas, cut into quarters and remove the pods. Please don’t throw them away: boil for 10 minutes, and the result is a fruit pulp with a high pectin content, suitable for thickening apple sauce. It is not necessary to remove the skin at all; it also contains a lot of pectins.
  • Grind apple slices into small pieces and add to a saucepan with a thick bottom: the more comprehensive the container, the more significant the evaporation of the liquid.
  • Pour a minimum amount of water over the apples. It is only necessary at the beginning of heat treatment of fruits. Otherwise, they burn immediately. After 5-7 minutes, the apples will release a sufficient amount of juice.
  • Place the pot on the stove and bring to a boil over high heat. Then we reduce it and boil the apple pieces until they are soft.
  • Remove the skin by rubbing the fruit through a colander or sieve with small holes. If you cut the skins during the preparation stage of the fruit, puree them with a blender or chop them for apple sauce.
  • Put the fruit pulp back into the pot, cover it with the lid, and put it back on the stove. How long to cook apple jam depends on the variety and juicy fruit, but the difference will not be more than 20 minutes.
  • The welding process is long and complex. Stir the applesauce constantly, or it will quickly burn on the sides of the pot. If you have to go somewhere, be sure to turn off the heat and continue making apple jam when you get back. Therefore, you need to boil the mashed potatoes at least 2 times. But due to the long-term evaporation of moisture, the mass is gelled without adding a thickener.
  • If you want to make a thick apple jam, which can be cut with a knife after hardening, at the end of cooking, turn the heat to high and constantly stir the contents of the pan and evaporate the remaining liquid.
  • When the mashed potatoes start to disappear from the walls of the container, leaving behind grooves that are very slowly filled with the fruit mass, you can turn off the stove. The apple jam is ready!

If you plan to store the workpiece for the winter, it should be spread in jars while it is warm. We wash them in a soda solution, steam them for about 5-7 minutes in the microwave on high power, and fill them with cold water. Boil the lids for sewing cans on the stove for 5 minutes.

Fill the prepared container with boiling jam, roll up the lids and turn it upside down. Remember to wrap the jars carefully with a warm blanket or blanket. We leave them in this form until they cool completely, and they can be rearranged for storage in a dark, cold room – a basement or cellar.

TOP 9 apple jam recipes for the winter

Thick, dense apple jam, like my grandmother, once cooked, is very simple to make. You can use a variety of fruits – small, beaten, crumpled, “second grade,” they are pretty cheap. Nevertheless, the preparation turns out to be insanely tasty and fragrant.

Classic applesauce

Applesauce is an ideal filling for homemade baked goods, as it does not spread and keeps well inside; and a perfect treat that is great for breakfast or afternoon tea with a slice of fresh bread. And to make jam from apples, only three ingredients are needed – apples, brown sugar, and water, the amount of which can be reduced depending on how juicy the fruit is.

  • Calorie content per 100 g – 197 kcal.
  • Portions – 3 cans with a capacity of 0.5 L + 300 ml
  • Cooking time – 3 hours


  • Apple – 2.5 kg
  • Sugar – 800 g
  • Water – 400 ml

Step-by-step preparation of classic apple jam:

  • Fruits must be washed, cut out of spoiled and wormy places, and remove the stems. But there is no need to remove the skin.
  • Cut the apples in half and remove the seed pods. We put them in a small pot and let them simmer on medium heat to get a mass with a high pectin content to thicken the applesauce. Boiling for 15 minutes is enough for the pods to become transparent.
  • Then, chop the apple slices into pieces and pass them through a meat grinder. You can also grind them on a coarse grater.
  • Let the mass simmer over low heat.
  • Place the cooked pods in a sieve and squeeze out with a spoon.
  • Add them to the pot where the applesauce is boiling.
  • Next, add 200 g of sugar and stir so that the fruit pieces do not stick to the walls of the dishes.
  • Cook the apples until soft. Cooking time depends on the juiciness and the type of fruit. If the water has evaporated, add a little more.
  • Step by step, in the next stage of cooking apple jam, you should puree the fruit with a hand mixer. You can also rub the mass through a sieve so that the finished applesauce does not contain even small fruits.
  • Pour the rest of the sugar into the fruit mass and send it to cook, half-covered with a lid. Gradually, during boiling, the contents of the pan will decrease in volume.
  • When making thick applesauce at home, it’s important to constantly stir the puree because it will gurgle and burn a lot. If you have to leave, turn off the heat.
  • To boil the mass well, turn on high heat at the end of cooking and stir in evenly. When the mashed potatoes start to leave the walls of the pan, keep their shape; if you turn it over with a spoon, the product is ready, and you can roll apple jam for the winter.
  • To do this, fill pre-steamed jars with the finished product, screw on the lids, turn them over, wrap them with a blanket and leave them in this form until the workpiece has thoroughly cooled.
  • Then store it in a cool place like a basement.

Attention! A few days after it has cooled completely, the applesauce will be very thick, and you can cut it with a knife.

Apple jam with cinnamon

It is a fragrant delicacy for tea, coffee, milk, original cake decoration, and a filling for various pastries – pies, pies, buns. And the best is apple and cinnamon jam on cold winter nights! To make it amber, we take red fruits.


  • Apple – 1 kg
  • Water – 1 tbsp.
  • Sugar – 3-4 tbsp.
  • Cinnamon – 1/2 tsp

Step-by-step preparation of apple and cinnamon jam:

  • Initially, the fruit must be washed well, cut off ugly, wormy places and remove the core and stems. We do not remove the skin; it gives the finished product a yellow color and contains many valuable substances and pectin.
  • Furthermore, according to the recipe for apple jam at home, you should cut the fruit into slices, pour a glass of water and boil for 15 minutes. Then knead the mass with a spoon and dry it through a mesh log.
  • We send the resulting mash back to the fire and boil for another 15 minutes. Then we add sugar to the apple jam, focusing on variety and your taste: for sweet fruit, 3 tbsp is enough; for sour – more.
  • After adding sugar, mix the workpiece thoroughly and boil for another half hour.
  • 10 minutes before cooking, add cinnamon to the pan and mix well.
  • After making your applesauce at home, fill steamed jars with it, seal, turn the lids down, wrap and let it cool.
  • Now you can store the workpiece in a cool place.

Attention! From the specified ingredients, about 0.7 liters of thick apple jam comes out, which is perfectly gelatinous.

Apple jam with oranges

It is a well-known delicacy with a new, original aroma, which appears uniquely in baking and desserts. But it also sounds good in sweet sandwiches with fresh bread. This applesauce is made in a slow cooker, but you can also cook it the old-fashioned way – on the stove.


  • Apple – 1 kg
  • Orange – 1 pc.
  • Brown sugar – 1 tbsp
  • Water – 1.5 tbsp.
  • Ground cinnamon – ½ tsp

Step-by-step preparation of apple jam with oranges:

  • First, you must wash the fruit thoroughly, cut off spoiled, bruised, and worm-eyed places, remove the peel and, the stems, and the core.
  • Cut the prepared fruit into small pieces, send them to the multicooker bowl, fill them with water and cook in the “Baking” mode for half an hour.
  • At this time, we put the peeled fruit to cook and pour a glass of water for 20 minutes.
  • Peel the orange and remove the peel; making apple jam will also be necessary. Squeeze out the juice.
  • Next, fold the fruit peel into a sieve and squeeze it out with a spoon to remove excess water. It contains a lot of pectins, which contributes to the rapid thickening of the jam.
  • When the apples are ready, you can puree them with a blender.
  • Add cinnamon, sugar, and orange peel to the fruit pulp. Pour in orange juice and apple peel.
  • Stir well and cook the apple jam for the winter, setting baking for 1 hour.
  • Fill sterilized jars with hot food. Roll them up with lids, turn them upside down, wrap them in a warm blanket and let them cool completely.
  • Store the workpiece in a cool place.

Attention! The specified ingredients are enough to make 500 g of delicious apple jam.

Apple jam with lemon

According to this step-by-step recipe, applesauce is moderately thick without thickening. A light citrus aroma will add an original touch to all baked goods and desserts. Fruits can be of any kind, even the smallest.


  • Apple – 3 kg
  • Sugar – 2 kg
  • Water – 1.5 l
  • Lemon – 1 pc.
  • Citric acid – 0.5 tsp

Step-by-step preparation of apple jam with lemon:

  • First, you must wash the apples, remove the damaged and wormy parts of the stems, remove the core, and cut them into 4 pieces. You can’t miss the skin, then quickly rub the apples through a sieve to remove it. In addition, it contains a lot of pectins, which thickens fruit purees nicely.
  • Grind the fruit into small pieces, fill it with water and let it boil; the fire is slow.
  • Before making applesauce, wash, peel and chop the lemon. You can also grind it into a coarse grater.
  • Place the chopped citrus fruit in the pot with the apples.
  • Cook the fruit together over low heat for half an hour, until soft. Do not forget to stir the workpiece regularly. Otherwise, it will burn on the walls.
  • In the next stage of making apple jam for the winter at home, we pass the pieces of fruit through a sieve when they cool slightly.
  • Then add sugar to the puree and cook.
  • Pour citric acid into the contents of the pan and boil the workpiece for another 20 minutes until it thickens. Stir constantly. Otherwise, the apple pulp will stick to the sides of the container.
  • At this time, steam the jars and boil the lids.
  • After the apple jam is cooked, let it cool down and fill the prepared container with the finished product. Roll up the cans with lids, turn them upside down and wrap them with a warm blanket.
  • In this form, leave the workpiece until it cools completely, and then store it in the cellar.

Apple jam with banana and rum

This recipe for homemade applesauce with a delicate flavor and a light spicy note will appeal to sophisticated gourmets. You get 3 jars of tasty blanks from the specified number of ingredients for the winter.


  • Apple – 4-5 pcs.
  • Banana – 2 pcs.
  • Sugar – 350 g
  • Lemon – 0.5 pcs.
  • Rum – 2 tablespoons
  • Water – 100 ml

Step-by-step preparation of apple jam with banana and rum:

  • In the first stage, wash the fruit thoroughly, cut off the damaged areas and skin, remove the stems, remove the pods, and cut the fruit into 4 pieces.
  • Cut the slices into small pieces and send them to the pot.
  • Before making apple jam at home, wash the lemon, peel it and squeeze the juice. It has to be added to apples.
  • Wash, peel and cut bananas into slices, and send to a pot with apple slices.
  • Mix the ingredients, cover with water and cook over low heat.
  • After boiling, add sugar to the pan, emphasizing the variety of apples and taste, and pour in a bit of rum.
  • Continue to cook the applesauce at home on low heat for 40 minutes. Do not forget to stir the workpiece. Otherwise, the contents of the pan will constantly burn against its walls.
  • At this time, steam the jars and boil the lids.
  • Fill the container with hot product, roll up the lids, turn the cans upside down and warm them with a blanket or blanket.
  • Store them in a cool, dark place such as a cellar when they are completely cool.

Attention! How much to cook jam from apples depends on their variety and juiciness.

Apple jam with strawberries

The most delicious apple jam recipe for winter is with the addition of strawberries. The piece turns out to be delicious and acquires a slightly sour taste, a delicate aroma, and at the same time, a rich color. Treating guests with such goodies is absolutely no shame, even if you just make sweet sandwiches. But when cooking, it is essential to consider cannot classify that strawberry-apple jam is economical because the berries lose a lot of moisture and, as a result, weight.


  • Apple “White filling” – 500 g
  • Strawberries – 500 g
  • Sugar – 600 g

Step-by-step preparation of apple and strawberry jam:

  • Ripe berries should be washed well in cold water, peeled from the stems, filled with a glass of water, and boiled for a few minutes until soft.
  • Wait for the strawberries to cool, then mash them through a sieve.
  • Wash the apples thoroughly, remove damaged and wormy places, and stems, peel the skin with a thin layer, and remove the pods.
  • Cut the fruit into small pieces. You can also grind apples for jam through a meat grinder.
  • Put the fruit boats in a pot, cover with water, and put on medium heat to soften—Cook for about 10 minutes.
  • Must rub hot apple pieces through a sieve; the resulting puree and the berry mixture are again sent to the fire.
  • For the Apple Strawberry Jam, cook the pot for an additional 10 minutes. Remember to stir constantly, or it will burn.
  • Pour sugar into the applesauce and cook until thick, 40-45 minutes.
  • Immediately after making the apple and strawberry jam, fill the steamer jars with hot food and seal tightly.
  • Turn the lids down and gently wrap them with a warm blanket or blanket. After the final cooling, send the workpiece for storage in the basement or cellar.

Attention! You can make apple jam not only with strawberries but also with other wild and garden berries. Great for making treats with strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries.

Apple jam for the winter
Apple jam for the winter

Apple jam with condensed milk

The original recipe for apple jam for the winter for a sweet tooth will appeal to children. This homemade product has a unique milk flavor that goes well with puddings and cheesecakes. In this case, condensed milk completely replaces sugar, but if you like it sweeter, you can add a little.


  • Apple – 5 kg
  • Sugar – 0.5 tbsp.
  • Thick milk – 1 can
  • Water – 1-2 tbsp.
  • Vanillin – 1 sachet

Step-by-step preparation of apple jam with condensed milk:

  • First, wash the fruit well, cut off the damaged areas, and remove the stems, core, and skin.
  • Cut the fruit into quarters, turn them with a food processor or meat grinder into mashed potatoes, and pour them into a pot.
  • Add sugar and vanillin and fill the contents with water.
  • We send the pan to the fire and cook, according to the recipe for apple jam with condensed milk, for 2 hours. During this time, do not forget to stir the workpiece regularly. Otherwise, it will burn on the sides of the pan.
  • Pour the condensed milk into the almost finished mash and return the container to the stove.
  • Mix the thick applesauce thoroughly and boil for another 15 minutes according to the recipe.
  • In the meantime, we sterilize the container to store the workpiece.
  • Fill the jam jars with condensed milk, roll the lids up tightly and turn them upside down.
  • We insulate the container with a blanket or blanket and leave it in this form until it is completely cooled.
  • Now you can store the apple jam in a cool place.

Apple jam with mint and cloves

If you love culinary experiments, pay attention to the apple jam recipe with a solid oriental taste and rich aroma. It is prepared by adding various spices with warming properties; therefore, it is delicious and instrumental in the cold season.


  • Apple – 1 kg
  • Sugar – 400 g
  • Water – 2 tablespoons
  • Cinnamon – 1/2 tsp
  • Lemon juice – 2 tablespoons
  • Dry mint – 1 tsp
  • Spices – 4 pcs.
  • Cloves – 4 pcs.
  • Vanilla sugar – optional

Step-by-step preparation of apple jam with mint and cloves:

  • First, wash the fruit, remove the stems, wounds, and worm-like areas, cut into quarters and remove the core.
  • Grind the apple slices into small pieces, put them in a pot, fill them with water and send them to the stove.
  • Before making apple jam, peel half of the lemon, remove and grind the rind, and squeeze out the juice.
  • Next, bring the contents of the pan to a boil at maximum heat, then reduce and boil the fruit slices until soft. Do not forget to stir everything regularly to avoid burning.
  • In the next stage, we mash apple pieces for a jam with a mixer, a meat grinder, or a sieve.
  • We send the fruit pulp to the pan and let it boil again at high heat.
  • Pour sugar into the container and adjust its amount according to the acidity of apples, cinnamon, dry mint, and vanilla sugar.
  • Add lemon juice and zest, mix well and cook on low heat for another 30 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, we sterilize the jars with lids.
  • We fill the container with a hot product and put cloves and pepper on the bottom.
  • Close the jars tightly with lids, turn them upside down, insulate them and leave them to cool completely, after which they can be stored in a cool place.

Attention! Instead of dry mint, you can use fresh leaves. In this case, you should chop them with a blender and the fruits.

Apple jam with plums

For homemakers who love to bake, apple and plum jam is an invaluable help, as it is ideal for making buns, pies, and rolls. Apples can be of various types and ripeness, adjusted sugar levels, and plums – only ripe, those generally used for food are better than the “Hungarian” variety. It turns out to be a jam with a pleasantly sour taste, a bright raspberry pink color.


  • Apple – 2 kg
  • Plums – 1 kg
  • Sugar – 700 g
  • Water – 100 ml

Step-by-step preparation of apple jam with plums:

  • Must wash affected fruits thoroughly; rotten, overripe, and wormy areas removed. You should not remove the skin; it contains many pectins, thickening the applesauce while preparing the jam.
  • Cut the fruit into quarters, remove the pods and cut it into pieces.
  • Pour into a pot, cover with water, and put on low heat.
  • Cook the fruit pieces until soft, about 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, wash the plums, and remove the stems and seeds.
  • We send them to the pan to the apples and continue to cook until they are completely soft.
  • After preparing the fruits for the plum and apple jam, turn them through a meat grinder or beat with a mixer until puree.
  • Add sugar to the fruit mass, focusing on the fruit’s acidity, mix, and return to the fire.
  • Boil the plum and applesauce over low heat until the consistency of jam is reached. Do not forget to stir regularly so that the workpiece does not burn.
  • When the jam is ready, turn off the stove and pour it hot into pre-sterilized jars.
  • Roll up the steamed lid, turn the container upside down, heat with a blanket, and let the workpiece cool completely.
  • Store applesauce in a cool place.