Morning: Winter white hamster sleeping habits

Winter white hamster sleeping habits

Hera, a musician, and certified real estate agent, also says she is a general “gadget and maker”. In a coffee chat on the weekends, people in different jobs with the interview. We always ask when people wake up in the morning, what is the first thing they do, and when people go to bed. We also ask about the organization and the main tasks at work.

When do you wake up in the morning?

“I’m kind of like the sun; wake up when it’s time to shine! In other words, I sort of wake up at all hours of the day, and it depends ideally on the time of year.

At this time of year, like all of us, of course, I am working entirely in the dark; that is, I come in the night and come home in the dark.

And as far as sleeping habits are concerned, this time of year may not be my time, so I allow myself to be like a shop, open at eleven o’clock and close at six o’clock with regular midnight openings in between.

I don’t think I wake up like this on average between eight and nine these days, take in oxygen, coffee and news until ten o’clock, and then get ready for the day until eleven o’clock. “

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

“It’s clear to hug our dog Florid. A more exciting morning organism is hard to find.

The husband here controls breathing with a cold shower most mornings, so I do my best to be a mom in it as it is ridiculously rewarding into the day.

Then it’s just the water bottle and the vitamins, generally kisses on the family members I come across, a quick “out to pee” with florid the Hound, and then just up with my face, and off I go. “


What Christmas song do you enjoy singing the most?

“Oops, this is a huge question, there are so many … but I’m going to tell the world about acne!

I got to know that song again a few years ago when I released it on a Christmas album, and then something just happened! I suddenly connected very deeply with the lyrics and the melody; I saw it all vividly before me. Then this song is always sung, and then we all sing as one. There is just something unique about the energy that creates when everyone stands up, straightens out, and the joy spreads in all directions out of the loving chest … delightful. “

What project are you working on the most these days?

“I’m working equally with the music and the real estate business these days, and it’s great to be able to make that duet work well.

Of course, there is a lot of focus in these spoken words on my concert ” CHRISTMAS FOR 20 YEARS” which I will have on the 20th of December.

This year’s occasion is hot because my Christmas album “SMELL OF CHRISTMAS” is 20 years old, so this milestone must be in style with unique guests, choirs, and colleagues from the music.

 the time well in December to finish what needs to be completed before Christmas and start preparing for 2022 with the associated goal setting and determination. “

How do you organize your work?

“Planning, you say? I plan almost every minute, I try to keep it out, and I’m thrilled and proud if it works.

But that, it rarely happens because I have it to overload, and I mean too much!

But that, I cannot do well in the morning and during the day unless I have my list of goodies on hand, so everything I need to do work- and family-related I put on the “Make and Gadget” list, and then it all dances along with my calendar on the phone and the computer, color-coded in junk so that can enjoy my good memories.

I’m a big fan of sound planning systems, and when I discovered in Gmail that I could set up emails and date them ahead of time, I felt like I solved the big mystery; the joy was such and such.

At work, I use Trello a lot to manage my projects. For example, I have a unique “table” for ” CHRISTMAS.” Each property gets a card, and I put all the documents and communication in there, so it is easy for me to find the answers when asked. We at REMAX then use Trello to get information on when the assets start in the purchase agreement process. Our archives department then takes over and informs us about the progress by marking on the cards.

I use many apps and systems for my benefit and fun when I create, for example, advertising videos for properties that are on social media.

CANVA is a system I discovered circa 2013. I love to take advantage. There I process all my information and marketing material when I am planning the sale process of assets. And when I have to advertise an event or concert, it also works great, I recommend.

 Works well with social media, so I undeniably use Facebook a lot and primarily process posts and advertisements related to the work and schedule it in advance. It is an absolute genius, and I am thrilled with the planning and management wonder. “

When do you go to bed at night?

“When I’m doing with it; But it’s so funny that I usually go to bed too late because it’s often the case that when calm comes over the house, my head starts moving and I get a lot of great ideas that need to launch, planned or thought. And discuss off the table. And this can take time, so my bedtime usually starts between half-past one and half-past two.

And every sane person sees that this does not last long in the right to become a middle-aged lady, so now there are significant improvements to the power coefficient of the bedroom, which just made the surface irresistible and lure me in no later than half-past ten…. “Good luck with that, my Hera!”