How to heat cold house without affecting the electricity bill

How to heat a very cold house without affecting the electricity bill

With the cold comes the season of heating and an increase in our bill. If you are wondering how to heat an apartment without your expenses skyrocketing, take note of these tips.

In cold weather, your bill will be a little higher but you can prevent it from going off. It is possible that you save money without your home losing a comfortable temperature, without being cold and enjoying comfort.

How to heat a house economically

Points out some practical tips to save energy and money on heating:

. Maintain a temperature of 21ºC.

. Turn off the heat while you sleep.

. In the morning turn it on after ventilating the house. 10 minutes is enough to renew the air in a room.

. Place thermostatic valves on radiators or programmable thermostats.

. The boiler has to be properly maintained.

. If you are absent from home before leaving, lower the thermostat to 15ºC.

. Do not cover the radiators or put anything next to them.

. The windows and curtains you close at night.

When radiators are dirty, the air inside them makes it difficult to transfer heat from the hot water to the outside. This air should be purged once a year at the start of the heating season.

In addition to these habits that you can acquire to save energy and money on the bill, it is very important that your home has an adequate level of insulation, so you will maintain the comfort temperature both in summer and winter. New homes usually have all the optimal characteristics to achieve this.

How to heat

How to heat a house: tips for good insulation

If your property needs a reform, take note of some tips for insulating the house:

. Install double glazed or double window windows and carpentry with double thermal bridge break.

. Window boxes must not have slits and must be properly insulated.

. Cover the cracks with silicone, putty, or weather-stripping.

. You must close the chimney flue when you are not using it.

Other tips:

. Choose a heating system suitable for the area where you live, so that it is effective when heating the house and at the same time is profitable. I advise you to consult an expert to inform you of the characteristics of each one.

. Compare the different rates and select the one that best suits your consumption.

 How to heat the house without electricity?

Finally, it never hurts to share a series of useful tips to heat your home without consuming energy. Only with a series of changes in habits or optimizing the furniture that you are going to acquire at home, you can make a difference and heat a room naturally:

. Ventilate the home regularly. Although it may seem counterintuitive, ventilating earlier helps heating later to work better. Do it when you wake up or in the sunniest hours.

. When do you choose the best curtains to be thick to keep warm?  Curtains are effective insulators. In terms of insulation, a thick curtain is as effective as a double-glazed window.

. In the morning, open the curtains and windows so that the sunlight enters your home, it will help you warm it.

. Put rugs in the rooms, especially if you have terrazzo flooring that is colder because they help retain heat.

. If you are one of those who go in short sleeves in winter when you have the heating on, forget about that and get used to warm clothes and a blanket.

. Use masking tape to cover the gaps and prevent air from seeping through any of the gaps.

. Close the doors of the house so that each room conserves its heat and the cold does not spread.

. The candles can heat small spaces, mind.

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