Features of the Best Water Heaters

Features of the Best Water Heaters

Having hot water in the home is essential for multiple activities. We use it to wash dishes, take a bath, wash clothes, do cleaning, among other tasks, and, for this, water heaters are of great help. As we know, these devices accumulate and heat water to a certain temperature through different mechanisms to have this resource at all times of the day.

However, when we want to choose between the best water heaters for our home, we can realize several types, each with its characteristics. For that reason, this time we want to share its best features and the main aspects that you need to know to make the most convenient decision for features our needs.

Types of water heaters

Tank heater

it is perhaps the most traditional water heater, but no less effective for that. It has the quality of keeping the water hot for longer and, above all, on colder days. It is useful when we need to perform one task after another. We have all the hot water in the container available. The water is heated through a burner at the bottom, which uses natural or LP gas to operate. Although it takes a little longer to increase the temperature than other equipment, it has the advantage of having a pilot system responsible for lighting the burner only when the water begins to cool.

In this line, some of the best features of tank heaters are as follows:

. The flow is constant, and you don’t have to wait for it to heat up, so we will have hot water at all times.

It needs minimal water pressure to get to all services, so it works well on any faucet.

Thanks to its operation, it is capable of bringing water to a greater number of services.

The water temperature is not lost even in the service furthest from the house.

. Its capacity can reach 76 liters or more.

Although it is considered one of those that consume the most gas, it is unnecessary to keep it on all day. It will be enough to light the burner for an hour (or less) and then turn it off. The water will remain hot for quite some time, although if we want to make sure that it is always at the desired temperature, we can leave the pilot active.

We must also consider that it occupies a greater space, so we will perhaps need to allocate a space in the laundry area, in the bathroom, or preferably outside the house if the dimensions allow it.


Instant heater

It is one of the favorite types of water heaters in apartments because its size is smaller and quite light. So we can place it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or the laundry area without taking up much space. For their operation, instantaneous heaters use natural or LP gas or batteries for electronic ignition. Once activated, it will heat the water that passes through the pipe each time a water tap is turned.

Taking into account the above, among its best features are the following:

. There is immediate hot water, which eliminates the waiting time between each bath.

. Although it is kept on, the gas consumption is lower, as it does not permanently heat the water.

. Gas savings can be up to 80%, depending on the model.

. There are capacities from 6 to 24 liters, and even more.

It is an excellent option if we want hot water immediately and save on gas or electricity. However, the number of services it can serve is less, a maximum of 3. It is also important that it is installed no more than 8 meters from the service and has good flow pressure. Otherwise, it is ideal for small spaces and small families.

Quick recovery heater

The heater’s rapid recovery functions as a traditional tank heater and as an instant heater, with the difference that this works with a gas burner. It includes a pilot that keeps the burner lit, activated when we open the hot water tap. It is very practical for those who want to have a small batch of hot water for a longer time, a quality that the instant heater does not have.

Thus, among the best characteristics that rapid recovery heaters have are the following:

. They incorporate a small water tank.

. Its gas consumption is lower; the burner is only activated when we require hot water, and when it is finished, it turns off.

There is continuous hot water and without much waiting time to re-level the tank temperature.

It is useful and effective in showers that have a low flow of water.

. It does not require water pressure to function.

As it contains a tank with compact dimensions, it is also an excellent option for confined spaces. Therefore, if we have one or a maximum of two services at home, this model will be highly functional.

Electric heater

Among the best water heaters are also electric heaters. They are quite similar to tank heaters, with the difference that, as the name implies, they use electrical energy to function.

They are made up of a tank with a large water capacity, which contains resistances responsible for raising the temperature. When the water reaches the set temperature, the resistance turns off. The reservoir stores the resource until we use it.

It also incorporates an electric or pilot thermostat, activated automatically when the water has started to cool down. We will have hot water for longer. Considering the above, among the best features available are the following:

. It does not generate polluting gas emissions.

It works with little or no water pressure.

Some models are compatible with solar systems.

They are less risky since there are no harmful gases since there is no combustion.

. It does not need water pressure so that it can be installed far from services.

If our water demand is great, the only drawback is that we will have to wait for the water tank to refill and heat up when it has run out. For the rest, they are more practical and economical than gas and can supply more services; there are even electric heaters with a capacity of 190 liters.

Solar heater

As the name implies, this type of heater dispenses with gas and electricity. It uses the energy of the sun to raise the temperature of the water. To do this, a gas collector is made up, which captures the sun’s rays and transfers them to the water, a hot water tank where hot water is stored, and a system of pipes that transports the water between the hot collector water tank and services.

The collector can be flat, made of glass tubes, or have a plastic collector. The most common for the home are glass tubes since they can reach temperatures of up to 90 ° C and minimize heat losses to the environment.

They can work by two systems, direct or indirect flow (hydropneumatic). In the first, the water circulates through the tubes. In the second, the heat evaporates a fluid stored in the tubes, which transmits its energy as it condenses towards the hot water tank. Thus, through a copper tip, the water is heated.

Now, among its best qualities are also the following:

. It does not pollute since it does not use non-renewable resources or industrial processes to transform them into energy.

. The energy is infinite, and the temperature is mostly warm; there will be enough resources to keep the water warm.

They do not take up much space; it is enough to have it on the roof or some other place where the sun hits directly during the day.

Additional features of the best heaters

Just as each type of water heater has its characteristics, there are some additional factors that we could consider to obtain a better performance:

. Technology for greater energy efficiency

Overheating safety system

. Silent stainless steel burners

The high and low-pressure operation facilitates adaptation in any home.

Internet connectivity to further personalize the bathroom

. More durable and corrosion-resistant designs

Hot water recovery in less time

Knowing the best features of water heaters for the home is essential to choosing the most suitable for our needs. It only remains to review the storage capacity, the heating power, the available dimensions, the number of components and services, and the water pressure quality, which guarantees a more precise and efficient operation.