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Egyptian cotton Sheets

When shopping for luxury bedding you will find sheet sets available in different thread counts. This count tells you the quality of the specific set you are looking at. Sheets constructed with a higher count use more threads and have them spaced closer together. This makes the finished fabric piece have a smoother, more luxurious feel. Among these high-quality items, you will find Egyptian cotton sheets. The Egyptian cotton sheet sets are available in thread counts ranging from 200 to 1500. These sheets are constructed to fit a wide range of mattress sizes including waterbed mattresses and duvets.

Egyptian cotton

A basic set of 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets includes the flat top sheet, a fitted bottom sheet, and a pair of standard pillowcases. Some sets come packaged with a comforter set in select stores. For a waterbed mattress, the sheets are stitched together at the bottom hem section to better secure them onto the mattress. The single-sized sets will usually include only one pillowcase, but you can purchase another as a separate item if you need to. The cotton used in making these high-quality sheets also makes them very comfortable against your skin. They are also machining washable so caring for your Egyptian cotton sheet set is very easy to do.

In the category of quality Egyptian sheets, you will also find some styles that are organic. These products are created without using any chemicals, pesticides, or dyes in the process of manufacturing them. These organic sheets are good for people who suffer from allergies or skin irritations associated with various chemical solutions. The sheets are available in natural white and come in several sizes. A variation of the basic Egyptian cotton sheet would be the percale style, which is available in several color options. The solid colors may include styles with a subtle band of variation in the fabric giving the piece a striped look.

In addition to the various luxury sheets created from cotton referred to as an Egyptian, you will find comforters and pillow shams as well. An easy way to get all the items you want for creating your luxurious and comfortable bed is to purchase one of the specially created bedding packages. These packages include everything you need to use as bedding. All of these items will be made of the same high-quality material and are colored to match. You can find the various bedding items available at most stores that carry products for the home. Many online retailers may offer significant savings over department stores because they do not have the overhead many brick and mortar stores have. Start searching online today to find your next set of Egyptian cotton sheets so you can wake up every morning and feel like you’re in a five-star resort.