Bath kilt: instructions for making

Bath kilt

Bath kilt; how to use it? A bath towel is a very convenient item that replaces towels and sheets. The product cost in the store is high, and even a beginner can handle sewing.

The sauna is an excellent alternative to the classic terry towel or sheet wrapped around the body. The kilt does not fall and does not restrict movement. If desired, you can sew this accessory for the sauna with your own hands.

Features of using a kilt for bathing

A bath towel is a hygienic fabric product. This accessory often replaces the sheet and allows you to hide your private parts in a public sauna. Thanks to the presence of fasteners and elastic bands, it is easy to transform the blanket into a towel. It is very comfortable, as traditional towels do not fit well around the waist and hips and constantly slide, which restricts movement and causes significant discomfort.

This skirt comes from classic Scottish clothing. Highlanders were very fond of spacious dresses, as they did not hinder movement and did not allow them to freeze in the off-season. The royals wore skirts in classic red and black cages for the occasion. Now the kilt is part of the national costumes of the Highlands.

In the warmer months, the Scots wore kilts made of fine material. I needed a pattern to sew it, as the skirt contained pleats. In some cases, the central part of the garment was attached to the yoke. The Scots wore long kilts of broad linen cloth during the cold season. They might even take shelter.

As you can see, it is very comfortable; it is both clothing and bedspread. A warm kilt was made of woolen material. Sometimes they used printed sheepskin.

But the modern kilt for saunas and baths is similar to the tiny Scottish clothing, as it does not have pleats and darts. Its primary purpose is to absorb moisture and allow air to pass through.

Advantages of a kilt for bathing:

  • Quickly transforms into a towel or sheet;
  • Excellent moisture absorption;
  • Does not run off the body;
  • Does not impede movement.

Bath kilt can be either male or female. There is little difference between these products—Male – are shorter and more comprehensive. Women’s accessories are sewn, considering the distance from the chest to the knee. Often women’s loincloths for bathing are called pareos. Such a hula skirt is attached, that is, by laying one piece of material on top of another. They use braid, Velcro, or fasteners to keep the kilt on the body. There are also differences in interiors. The laconic decor, usually embroidery, complements men’s skirts. Bows or bows are attached to women.

Materials for making a bath kilt

The cost of a kilt for a bath is relatively high, so try to sew it yourself. This bath accessory is made of natural material. Most often, cotton, linen, or terry cloth is chosen. The garment’s skin must breathe, and the fabric perfectly absorbs sweat.

Of course, good quality terry cloth is not cheap, so waffle cotton is considered budget-friendly. It is much thinner but also absorbs moisture well. The most exciting thing is that the waffle cloth quickly gets wet through, so it is better to refuse such material if you want to visit the steam room several times in a row and replace it with a pool.

Choose fabric in white or beige. It gets dirty quickly, but some canvases are dyed with unstable synthetic dyes. They can leave colored marks on the body after an extended stay in the steam room. It is forbidden to buy colored material for children. The dye can cause allergies.

How to build a kilt pattern for a bath

The product is straightforward, so there is no need to build a pattern. The Scots did not always sew the skirts with a design. It was ordinary material, folded according to a unique way. Fastened the folds with a belt. If you are unsure of your skills and do not often sew clothes, it is better to build a pattern on paper and then transfer it to the fabric.

Pattern for a man’s bathing kilt

To build a kilt pattern for a bath, take a piece of paper; it is best if it is tracing paper. Ordinary newspapers or unnecessary wallpaper will do if she is not in the house. You need to draw a 120 x 50 cm rectangle on the form. It is the whole pattern; you don’t need to do anything else.

To sew a men’s bathroom kilt, you need to buy a canvas that is 120×50 cm. Men’s clothing is shorter, which does not mean having a product on the chest. For men, it is a kind of loincloth. If a person has a short stature, a length of 40 cm is sufficient. For representatives of the strong half of humanity, who practice in the gym, the volume of the chest is proposed as the basis of the measurement. If it is more than 100 cm, buy two lengths of fabric to sew the accessory.

Pattern for a kilt woman in a bath

For women, this bath accessory is a little more complicated. To make a pattern, draw a rectangle measuring 120 x 80 cm around the two bottom edges of the paper. To do this:

  1. Use a compass.
  2. Set up the compass needle in the center of the built-up square whose side is equal to the circle’s radius.
  3. Cut out the edges.

To add the product to a pocket, you must build its pattern. It is a rectangle or square of the size you need. Usually, the size of a bag is 20 x 15 cm. One pocket is enough; you can put jewelry and jewelry in it.

If you have experience sewing clothes, you don’t need to build a pattern. After all, it is not difficult at all to draw a rectangle and round the edges if necessary.

Making a kilt for a bath with your own hands

The technique of taking measurements and sewing a kilt differs for children and adults. There are also differences when working with different materials.

Sew a plain kilt for a bath

Initially, you need to decide on the size and purpose of the accessory. To make a kilt for a woman, you need one and a half times more material than a man. The approximate size of a piece of fabric for sewing a pareo for women is 120 x 80 cm. You need to buy 80 cm of linen since the standard width is 120-140 cm. Buy more material if you want to add a pocket to the product. Instructions for sewing a kilt:

  • Select the material in the store. Remember that terry cloth is more difficult to work with as the fabric can stretch and crumble during processing. If you don’t have an overlocker, buy another material.
  • Ordinary linen rubber is used as a holder. Its length should be 40 cm less than the width of the canvas. It prevents the product from slipping while in use.
  • Overlock all edges without exception. If you see that the coat is stretched, reinforce the belt line with a weave or doubler. Waffle clothes are cheaper but not as pleasant for the body and do not stretch at all. Attach the fabric to the beltline and iron. Non-woven must adhere to the material.
  • Work the joint of woven fabric and terry cloth on a non-sorting basis. The intermediate line will make the belt stiffer.
  • Fold the belt line 3-4 cm twice. It will create a kind of rubber band tunnel. Pull the elastic in and secure the edges.
  • Fold the sections along the sides and bottom of the product. Attach tape on one side around the waistband. Sew the other half of the velcro on the other side. The velcro should go across the chest for women and around the waist for men.
  • Use buttons or pieces of glue as fasteners. You can take the laces. Don’t forget your pockets.
  • Overlock the parts, bend them and sew them to the bottom of the product. Arrange your bags wherever you want. If desired, initials can be sewn onto the bag. It will give you a personal sauna accessory.

How to sew a kilt for a large bath

The above sizes of this bathing suit accessory are suitable for slim women and men. Fabric measuring 120 x 80 cm is designed to sew blankets for women in sizes 46-48. To sew a pareo above size 50, you need to look for a 150 cm wide canvas. It saves you money. Otherwise, you will have to buy two lengths of the canvas. The primary measurement for sewing a kilt for women is the volume of the chest and the width of the hips for men. Measure your bust, waist, and hips. Choose as widely as possible. If your chest is 100 cm, hips 110 cm, and waist 80 cm, then 110 cm is considered decisive. Add 30 cm to this number. It will be the width of the smell. Otherwise, the sewing process is not much different from the classic one. You need to process cut lines and sew elastic.

Sew a kilt for a baby in a bath

The sequence of sewing a baby cloth is the same as for an adult. Pay attention to the choice of material. Choose white linen or ivory. It does not shed and will not cause a rash in a child.

Now you need to measure the volume of the baby’s chest. It will be the decisive length. Add 15 cm to this. It is part of the smell. The size of the product for girls is determined by the distance from the knee to the armpit. For boys, this is the distance from the waist to the knee.

Overlock the edges and cut. Sew in elastic and velcro. You can use an application with a funny animal or cartoon character as a decoration.

Bath kilt
Bath kilt

Bath towels made of bath towels

If you were invited to the bathhouse and don’t have extra funds to buy a pareo, sew it with your hands from scrap material. It can be a regular terry cloth or a microfiber towel.

The edges do not need to be worked as they are already overlocked. Therefore, the time spent sewing a kilt from a towel is less than an hour. As a result, you get a cute pareo for free and without any unnecessary hassle.

Take a strip of fabric that is the same color as the towel. If you don’t have such material, get braids. In a hardware store, it costs a króna. Sew the braid along the entire width of the garment from the wrong side. It will be the rubber band tunnel.

Cut a piece of elastic 40 cm smaller than the width of the towel. Pull in the elastic and sew on the edges. The only thing left is to sew on the tape. It should go to the smell points and the primary material. You can buy a beautiful application for decoration.

Bath towel decoration

Decorate such accessories with plinths with pockets and applications. The bags are practical. You can put the gold jewelry in them as they will get boiling during your stay and can burn your skin.

The shape of the pocket should match the pattern of the kilt. Usually, incisions in the penis are not rounded; the bags should be rectangular or square. In women’s pareos, for beauty and comfort, the edge of the material is rounded so that the pocket can be made curly.

As an application, you can use a ready-made interior. These are toy patches that need to be sewn into the pocket. Sometimes women’s pareos are added with ribbons, bows, and lace.

If you know how to embroider, you can add a beautiful pattern to the pareo. It is very convenient to sew with a cross on a waffle cloth. You can sew a folk-style kilt and add a way to it. For embroidery, choose threads that are well colored. They should not fall. After all, the bath has high humidity and temperature. Choose a cute program to decorate your child’s kilt. There are many products on sale with images of animals or cartoon characters. Pay attention to the stitched side of the application. There should be content. Do not buy a glue application under any circumstances. They will not stick to the terry cloth. In addition, high temperatures can melt the adhesive and damage the fabric.

Do not use pearls or stones as decoration. The glass can get very hot, and the plastic can melt.


A kilt is an essential and practical accessory that doesn’t come cheap at the store. To save money, sew it yourself. You can do it with a regular bath towel.