Winter with the car: Face the best products

Best products to face the winter with the car

It is a reality that has adapted to winter in the rest of some countries. Because of this, we tend to drive worse in low temperatures, snow, or ice. But the truth is that we can buy a series of products that can make our lives easier when facing winter with the car.

A country where summer plays a key role, and our vehicles have to withstand the high summer temperatures and the cold that some Spanish cities reach. In a year we can experience a difference of almost 50 degrees between the maximum and minimum temperature. And that is also seen in the vehicle, which is not prepared for these contrasts.

It is difficult for our car to be prepared for the heat of summer and also for the cold of winter unless we prepare for it and to face any setback. That is why these recommendations of the best products for the car in winter may interest you.

Snow chains

If there is a fear that any driver may have in the winter, without a doubt that is when it snows and our car loses traction. Without winter tires our only option chains and even installing them is scary for many drivers. However, today there are many solutions that do not have to waste a lot of time installing chains.

For example, this is the case of textile snow chains. They are the most popular right now. They are easy to put on, we only have to install half, advance a little with the car and install the other half. It will take us a few minutes. They provide a lot of traction, they do not damage the tires, and they transmit a lot of safety to the driver. Although you can also choose from many other good options for snow chains for the car;

winter with the car

Antifreeze liquid

It is a reality that your vehicle needs to have antifreeze liquid in the circuits to make the temperature at which the liquids freeze is lower. The antifreeze is your best ally for the winter, and you should never miss you. Check to always have enough antifreeze, because it could be keys for your car to work well in low temperatures.

And also, for the price of a bottle of antifreeze, you should always have it at home, in your storage room, or in your basement, because a loss of antifreeze or a low level of this liquid could be decisive for your car to function.

External battery with starter

External batteries are not only useful for our phones or tablets, but also for the car. In winter all batteries suffer, and those of cars, when we leave it on the street spending the night in sub-zero temperatures, even more. It would not be strange to find ourselves one morning with a battery “almost” discharged. Sometimes it is simply because of the cold. But having an external boot option may be the solution.

For example, an external battery with a starter is ideal. It is the same as external batteries for mobile phones, but capable of reaching more intensity and serving to start the car. They are also more expensive, but they are a good option to carry in the vehicle. They include their own battery clamps, and can even be used to charge the mobile in an emergency.

New windshield wipers

Winter also brings adverse weather. Snow, hail, or rain; we do not want it to start raining heavily when we go on a trip if we do not have good windshield wipers. If you have old windshield wipers or ones that do not work well, it may be the worst thing you have ever done on a trip. And you can fix it very easily with some of the best-selling windshield wipers on the market.

It is one of the initial steps that you should follow so that your car is prepared for winter, with some windshield wipers that ensure that you will at least see if you go on the road. There is no reason to skimp on this product knowing that there is a reference in the market that is the most sold and the most acquired by all users.

Ice scraper

Going for the car and finding the frozen glass is normal in many Spanish cities. Damaging an expiring credit card by trying to remove the ice, too; But it is much easier to buy an ice scraper, which also has a handle with which we will not freeze our hand by removing the ice.

It is an ideal purchase, and it is also really cheap. If you live in cities where it usually freezes in winter, you will know that it is one of the best purchases you can make, and when you have bought it, you will wonder why you have spent years removing ice with a credit card.

Windshield cover

Of course, another interesting option could be to buy something that prevents ice from forming on the windshield, such as a cover for it, or a blanket. These covers are attached to the inside of the doors before closing and prevent ice from forming.

It is clear that if you park your car on the street and do not trust that people are not going to steal or damage your car on purpose by putting a blanket on the windshield, it is not a good option. But in all other cases, it is an interesting option.

De-icing spray

Some believe that the best way to remove ice is with hot water. But as some of you may have deduced, pouring hot water on a frozen moon can only lead to one thing, to crack the glass. However, there are de-icing sprays that we can apply that will gradually destroy the ice without having to use water or even a glass scraper.

This is ideal for people who have a new car and do not want to even consider scratching the moon with a scraper. It is also ideal for those who do not mind reaching the car and waiting a few minutes before being able to start and drive away.

Snow shovel

You will never know how useful a shovel is until it starts to snow so heavily that when you stop to put the chains on you already have a few inches of snow around the wheel and your car has been stuck in the snow. It is even possible that one morning you go to your car and find it under a mountain of snow.

If you have ever gone skiing in the snowy season, it is not so rare that this could have happened. If this is your case, a shovel is the only solution. It will take a while to remove all the snow, but it will be impossible to remove it and go out without a shovel. And I assure you something; buying a shovel in a store in the ski resort will cost you much more money.