How to prevent cold and humidity from entering your home in winter

How prevent cold, humidity from entering your home in winter

Winter has arrived a little over a month ago, and it did, a few weeks ago, accompanied by Philomena, a storm that turned many parts of Spain upside down. These changes bring with them the appearance of humidity, condensation, mold, even leaks in your home, causing the cold of winter to enter your house without having called. Here we tell you how to prevent moisture from entering your home with a few easy and simple tips to apply.

Ventilation of spaces

Ventilating by opening windows regularly is the most economical and effective method of avoiding problems such as condensation. It is also important that the rooms do not have very high temperatures inside during winter. In the case of living in very humid areas, ventilation should be moderate since the outside humidity is higher than that of our house.

Have a dehumidifier

This small appliance is ideal for absorbing excess moisture without drying out our home environment.

How to prevent

Wall insulation

It is useless to have double-glazed or PVC windows if the walls are not insulated very well first, since the heat from the house will be escaping us and filtering the cold. Therefore, covering our walls with insulating materials such as plasterboard, intermediate air chambers or others, is the best option to heat our house and save.

Thermal paint

This is a perfect way to insulate your walls and prevent mold from making its appearance.

Use anti-mold and fungicide cleaning material

Homemade and traditional products such as vinegar, lemonade, or alcohol can be used to remove moisture and mold from the joints of the tiles or if you prefer specialized cleaning products, which are in any supermarket.

Do not raise the thermostat temperature too high

Hot air is more humid than cold, so it is advisable not to raise the temperature more than recommended to avoid condensation.

Have an exhaust fan in the bathroom

It is the most humid area of ​​the house. The humidity that appears from the steam that is generated after a bath or shower is minimized with this simple element.

Turn on the extractor hood when cooking

Being another of the areas of the house where humidity increases when cooking, this is a very effective trick. If we add to this the fact that we cook by placing the lids on the pots to prevent the water from evaporating in the environment when it is at the boiling point, much better

Avoid too many plants

They favor the humidity of the environment.

Use moisture absorbents in cabinets and small rooms

They are ideal for absorbing excess moisture. This type of product, composed of silica gel or calcium chloride, is very effective.