For your dog, tips for choosing a bed

Tips for choosing, a bed for your dog

To help you maintain the quality of your sleep, here are several tips to make the best possible choice when choosing a bed for your dog.

Choosing a dog bed that suits the needs of your furry is no small matter, especially if you consider that dogs spend between 12 to 18 hours a day sleeping.

And beware; it can be even longer if your best friend is a puppy, an older man, or a large breed. Rest is important for development, growth and also to keep your immune system active. Animals that sleep little are more stressed, bad-tempered, and more prone to disease.

Choosing the perfect size

As we can see, a good bed will not only give your dog the necessary rest; it will also help you keep him healthy, fit, and relaxed, improving his quality of life. For this reason, your furry’s bed must be of adequate size to allow him to sleep and stretch at will. Imagine that it must fit in the bed on its side and be completely stretched out, so the choice of beds for small or large dogs will be very different, also depending on your tastes.

 To best define the size of the bed you need, we recommend the following:

. Watch him while he sleeps. His way of resting will tell you what type of bed he needs.

Measure it. While sleeping, measure it and add a few extra inches to be safe.

> If you like to sleep stretched out, you will need a bed that is flat, wide, mat-style, or mattress.

> If you like small and tight places, you will need a smaller bed with spaces where you can snuggle while you rest. Concave beds, crib style, are a good option, accompanied by a cushion and a blanket for winter.

Some extra tips for specific cases:

.  If you are not sure of the size, remember that the bed should be large than for it to be small.

. Also, think about the materials according to the year’s season: with a mat or cushion of light materials for the summer and thicker materials, and more enveloping shapes for the cold months.

. Dogs of large or giant sizes or breeds need soft surfaces to avoid injuring their elbows. Old dogs or dogs with joint problems also need softer surfaces.

For your dog
For your dog

Different dogs, different beds! Here are several options

.  Medium dog crib mattress

 . Small dog pouf plush

 Medium dog padded cushion

 .  Crib style large dog bed

 .  Igloo bed

Here we propose a good selection of bed options for dogs of all tastes and sizes.

 Ideal for winter, with an imitation chypre surface, very warm, it is a perfect bed for medium-sized dogs since they can snuggle up comfortably and keep the cold out.

 This cute soft surface pouf is ideal for small dogs that like to stand out and be part of their human pack. A plush bed, very decorative and soft;

.  A full style mat, soft and with comfortable padding, a super warm bed for medium dogs.

 This large dog bed has a semi-circular shape, perfect for dogs that like to sleep snuggly. Ideal to also complement with a blanket;

 An igloo bed designed for puppies or mini dogs that live indoors is ideal for shyer and like to have a shelter just for themselves.

Where should I place your bed?

We now come to another important point: Where do I install my dog’s bed?

Dogs sleep on different sides and have more than one place: the armchair, the sofa, and your bed; sometimes, they go to their place in the garden, but in the same way, they frequent other spaces to sleep.

If you’re furry, sleep inside the house with you, choose a place that is not of constant passage, quiet, where there are not many people or frequent traffic.

If your dog has a bed that is located outside, make sure it is made of resistant materials, that it is in a place isolated from the cold or extreme temperatures, and that you maintain hygiene so that the bed cannot have fungus and is always clean, to maintain your health.

You should also complement it with a dog house that has good insulation in winter.

It may interest you: How to insulate a dog house.

Remember that the correct choice of a dog bed in which your best friend can be healthy and comfortable is a fundamental part of his well-being.