3 winter sports that you will love


Of the many winter sports that exist today, we have selected those that you will surely love and that you can practice, if you dare. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete, just get carried away by adrenaline and keep reading. These are 3 of the winter sports that you will love and can practice on cold days.


It is probably the best known and practiced sport, thanks to its appearance in countless movies and television shows. In addition, it is the one that has the most variants as it is a recreational and competitive sport.

Skiing consists of sliding through the snow using boards attached to boots. With the poles you help to better perceive the terrain and preserve your balance. It requires the use of a helmet, gloves, goggles and warm clothing, as it is still an extreme sport.

Skiing can be practiced throughout the year in places with snow-capped mountains, such as in some regions of France or Canada. Several of its competition styles are recognized by the International Olympic Committee, such as cross-country skiing, which consists of covering long distances in the shortest time, and the most popular, alpine skiing. If you are not fit enough to play ski you can try some online game like australia online casino real money.

Alpine ski

As its name says, this type of skiing began to be practiced in the Alps. And it is one of the most popular winter sports for competition. It consists of descending in the shortest possible time through the snowy mountains following marked trails and in a timed duration to the hundredths of a second.

Alpine skiing was incorporated into the program of the Olympic Games in 1936 and the tests consist of three days, in which the skiers study and get used to the terrain. They are classified by speed and by technique . In speed there are the Super G Slalom and Downhill; while the Slalom and the Giant Slalom focus on technique and are practiced on terrain with fewer slopes. You can try https://www.fronlinecasino.lv/ for some online game if you are not fit for alpine ski.


This practice combines cross-country skiing with target shooting. The race consists of starting with a ski and at certain points along the route, the competitor stops to fire five shots with a rifle at a fixed target. Skiers must carry the rifle on their back and the style to move is free.

Missed shots are penalized by taking an extra run or adding more time to the race total. It has its variations depending on the type of biathlon event that can be: Individual, Sprint, Pursuit, Relay and Group Start.

Biathlon has the great characteristic of being both an individual and a group practice. If teamwork is your thing, include it in your list of winter sports to practice.