Use the Garden in Winter Too – Outdoor Heating Solutions Make It Possible

Outdoor Heating Solutions Make It Possible

From the fact that the days are getting shorter and shorter, we can tell that the autumn and winter months are approaching. Regardless of whether you have a balcony, terrace, or your own garden, the outdoor area is rarely, use the garden in winter in the cold season.

Often times it is too cold to be able to stand outside any longer. However, if you are one of those people who brave the cold and want you to enjoy an outside area use the garden in winter you will need a suitable heating solution for outdoor areas in addition to warm clothing and cozy blankets. In this way, you ensure that it is still nice and cozy outside in autumn and winter and that you can invite to a winter barbecue by candlelight and lanterns. Today in our article we will tell you what options you have to heat the outside area use the garden in winter.

Use the Garden in Winter

. Classic radiant heaters for cozy warmth

. Heating with an open fire

Classic Radiant Heaters for Cozy Warmth

The simplest and most widespread way to heat the outside area, even on cold days, is to use radiant heaters. There are basically two different variants:

. Infrared radiant heater

. Gas heaters and patio heaters

Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages and are available in different sizes and with different features.

Infrared radiant heater

Infrared radiant heaters are operated electrically so that the heat is generated by electricity. Therefore, you can only use such devices where there is an electrical outlet. These radiant heaters are therefore not suitable for gazebos without a power supply. They generate a pleasant warmth because they not only heat the surrounding air but also the human body directly. Their mode of action can be compared with the effect of the sun’s rays. The radiant heaters generate neither noise nor smell and are ideal for quiet hours outdoors. Depending on which version you choose, a radiant heater can heat up an area of ​​up to 20 square meters. Immediately after switching on the device, the heat is available, because the radiant heaters do not need a warm-up time thanks to the infrared technology. However, the devices also have a catch: they should not be used completely outdoors, as the heat dissipates too quickly, especially on cold days. That is why they are particularly suitable for warming open winter gardens, tents, or pavilions. It can also be used under awnings. In addition, the power consumption is usually very high. Especially with regular and long-term use, the radiant heater can cause a nasty surprise when you receive your next electricity bill. In addition to devices that can be permanently mounted on the wall, you will also find models in stores that stand on feet and can therefore be used more flexibly. Some specimens can even be adjusted in height. When buying, be sure to pay attention to aspects such as power consumption, radiation range, and heat efficiency. In general, it makes sense to compare many models with one another. This is the best way to find the infrared heater that suits your requirements.

Gas heaters and patio heaters

Gas radiant heaters, which are also known as patio heaters due to their characteristic top, which is reminiscent of a mushroom, are particularly popular in the outdoor area in front of restaurants; They are operated with a gas bottle that is located in the base of the mushroom. Thanks to the integrated energy supply, patio heaters are also suitable for outdoor areas that do not have a power supply. However, it is important to have a solid base and a sufficient distance from buildings. After switching on, it takes a while for the ambient air to heat up. As soon as the patio heater has been running for some time, it creates a cozy warmth and enables restaurants and bars to offer guests outdoor seating even in winter. The following advantages speak in favor of purchasing a patio heater:

. Reliable heating of the ambient air

. Also suitable for outdoor use

. Generated temperature freely adjustable

. A very safe heat source when operated in accordance with the operating instructions

The patio heaters are criticized, however, because they cause relatively high CO2 emissions. The operating costs are also high. Purchasing an eco-heater can help here: It reduces both CO2 emissions and operating costs.

Heating With an Open Fire

In addition to radiant heaters, you can also provide cozy warmth with an open fire outdoors.

Fire baskets and braziers

Traditional heating with an open fire is possible thanks to fire bowls and fire baskets. There are many different models available on the market, usually made of metal. High-quality specimens are made from iron using a complex hand forging process. In order to protect such fire bowls and fire baskets from the weather, they are usually also powder-coated. Alternatively, you can also buy a model made of stainless steel: It is naturally weatherproof and also has a trendy metal look.

Garden fireplaces

If you are looking for permanent heat sources use the garden in winter for the outdoor area, you can also install a fixed garden fireplace. It has the advantage that it is not only a warming fireplace but can also be used for grilling at the same time. The garden fireplace is operated with wood, which is why it is relatively inexpensive even with regular use. Of course, this is especially true if you have your own wood at your disposal.