Urban garden what to plant in winter

What to Plant in an Urban Garden in winter

With the New Year’s arrival, we can begin to think about “What to plant in an urban garden in winter “to plan our harvest during the year. Although spring has not arrived, there are plants that we can start growing in winter, whether they are vegetables or fruits.

The fundamental thing is to take into account the different climates that we have depending on the location of your garden; you know which ones are the most suitable to withstand the rigors of winter.

What to plant in winter

In winter, cold temperatures and frosts are usually widespread in our country. Hence, it is essential to choose which plants we want to grow depending on the climate where we are.

Vegetables that we can plant in winter

. Celery: From February, we can already plant them, but it is essential to choose the variety well not to freeze.

. Garlic: It is resistant to cold and takes up very little space, which is highly recommended in an urban garden where we have little space. It is usually planted from February to March. They are also a natural repellent for many insects

. Cabbage: Some varieties resist frost well, so it is essential to choose well.

. Cauliflower: You also have to find a suitable type for the climate where we will plant it, but it adapts very well to the cold.

Urban garden
Urban garden

What to show in a vegetable garden in winter

. Escarole: You can start sowing in a protected seedbed, leaving a space between 20 to 25 centimeters, so it may not be recommended in small orchards such as urban gardens. They associate very well with garlic.

. Cucumber: We must plant between February and April and also in seedbeds. It is ideal for growing on a balcony or in vertical planting as a climbing plant. It combines very well with celery and carrots.

. Parsley: It is better to plant it at the end of winter since it cannot stand the too intense cold. In places where winter is more temperate, sowing can be advanced earlier.

. Carrots: We will plant them one centimeter deep and leave a separation of two centimeters between each seed

Fruits to plant in winter

. Red fruits: The best fruits to plant in winter in our urban garden are strawberries and blackberries since we do not have much space. These fruits can be grown throughout the year, but it is advisable to cover them in winter. They will be bearing fruit from spring to late fall.

. Watermelon or melon: We can also start growing watermelon and melon in a seedbed, taking into account that it will depend on the size of our urban garden, the number of plants that we can later transplant in spring since both fruits can grow to a large extent.

It is how our fashion watermelon seedbeds are found in the greenhouses. In a short time, we will start moving the plants to the orchards.

We must not forget fertilization. For plants to grow, they need excellent food availability, and it is found in the soil. If you don’t fertilize, they can survive, but they will grow poorly or die.

Soil is fertile when microorganisms live in large numbers within the earth. Suppose we want to have our organic crops. In that case, it is essential to use natural fertilizers that nourish and provide a good amount of these microorganisms, avoiding chemical fertilizers.

Finally, to protect our urban garden in the coldest areas, we can cover the plants with some padding or thermal blankets, always allowing the light to shine directly on the plants. However, suppose the frosts are extreme and persistent. In that case, it may be better to wait until the weather is warmer since even this type of protection may be insufficient.

Enjoying the care of your urban garden and taking advantage of its results at our table is a great experience that we would love for you to share with us. We await your comments.