Alexa: Spotify Free Arrives To Listen To Free Music


The new option is added to the offer that includes TuneIn and the skills for some of the main European radios.

The offer of music available through the Alexa assistant and Echo devices expands with the arrival of Spotify Free . A decision that enriches the number of services of the Amazon terminal and meets the needs of music listeners. At home or in the car, users can ask Alexa to access their favorite songs, interspersed with Spotify ads. To listen to your music you need to use voice commands, asking for a song or a playlist. It will play song for you and you can enjoy games here

Spotify’s free content is added to Alexa’s free offer which includes TuneIn and skills for some of the major Italian radios such as RTL 102.5, Radio Deejay, Virgin Radio, Radio 105, RDS, Radio Italia, R101, Radio 24 and Radio Kiss Kiss.

Ever more feature-rich, Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant with the ability to access audio and video data from some of the major Italian operators . Users can see not only short news updates but more detailed reports. For those who have already set up news sources in the Daily Summary, simply update the list from the Alexa app, selecting in-depth news providers. Finally, to those who ask to play the news for the first time, Alexa offers a list of possible sources and asks which ones to set as favorites. Alex will give you company while playing australian online casino real money with beautiful songs.

Besides Alexa for listening to songs

Google Home is the brand that initially referred to only the smart speakers developed by Google , which later evolved to become a real artificial intelligence application with multiple functions focused on the concept of digital butler. The first device was announced in May 2016 and was put on the market in the United States in November 2016, with subsequent worldwide sales throughout 2017. It arrived in Italy in March 2018 and was followed by several increasingly sophisticated versions. .

The Cupertino-based company’s digital assistant is called Apple’s HomePod and is equipped with a powerful 4-inch upward-facing subwoofer and the entire structure is surrounded by 7 tweeters. II everything is controlled by the A8 processor, the same that drives the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And to improve audio performance, the speaker is equipped with an automatic room detection technology, in order to balance the sound according to the environment in which is found. Voice commands for the Siri assistant are picked up by the six microphones built into the HomePod structure.