Winter wonderland: New Hampshire

New Hampshire: Winter Wonderland

Not every winter weather enthusiast can be a powder professional, and non-skiers looking for winter activities will be happy to find a lot of love on winter wonderland the East Coast in New Hampshire.

The granite state is as close as you get to the Wild West. Moose chew grass on the side of the road and streams swarm with trout. And when winter comes, the state turns into an all-white white wonder, with smoke curling from almost every chimney and snowmobiles crisscrossing abandoned country roads like ice-bound water bugs.

Here are our 10 favorite ways to dive into a winter wonderland in New Hampshire: tickets for the climb are primarily optional.

Arctic man in Alaska

Go fast, or go home! Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush on Alaska’s Arctic Man – one of the world’s most challenging ski races and an exciting all-in-one snowmobile race. Skiers start at the top of 5,800 feet and descend 1,700 feet to the bottom of a narrow canyon, where their snowmobile partner meets them.


Thousands of miles of snowmobile trails move in the backcountry of New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Department of Parks and Recreational Routes has a massive website for route planning. Many cabins and breakfasts are located along the state’s main corridors. Visitors can make a road trip in the region on snowmobiles. The Greater North Woods region offers the cleanest landscape. Snowmobiles can even cross the international border into Canada from Pittsburgh, NY (don’t forget your passport).

Ice picking demonstrations

In the 1800s in New England, collecting natural ice from lakes and ponds was a big business – the ice was shipped and sold to hospitals, dairies, meat processing plants, and other establishments, primarily as a means of maintaining food cold (not commonly consumed). ). While the natural business on ice has perished mainly in the age of freezers, it still lives in a few small towns in New Hampshire. To try your hand at using historic ice-cutting tools to assemble a block from a frozen pond, visit the Remick Country Doctor Museum and Hospital and the Tamworth Farm during the February Winter Carnival and Ice Gathering Festival.


If you can walk, they say, you can snow (take it from someone who is not coordinated – this sport is a trifle). Most New Hampshire alpine resorts and cross-country skiing allow you to go snowshoeing and offer equipment rental and excursions. On a clear winter day, it’s hard to think of a more fun way to burn a few calories than strolling through a quiet forest full of pine trees hanging hard with snow. For an afterlife experience, tie up and bring a loved one for a full moon or a stellar snowshoe tour. Hotel in Washington, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, skiing, resorts, family

Located high in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Bretton Woods is the largest ski area with 101 trails and meadows and 4 parks. An unusual addition to the outdoor entertainment is an extensive canopy tour of the mountain, consisting of several zip-top lines and suspension bridges.


Penetrating the snow in an open sleigh with one horse seems romantic – wildly when you can rush to a beautiful hotel with an open fireplace and schnapps or ready-made chocolate. Dating back to 1902, Mount Washington Hotel is the most historic and beautiful vacation spot in the White Mountains. Allow the concierge to arrange your sleigh ride; so, all you need to do is appear when you hear the bells ringing.

Ice fishing

In New Hampshire, summer fishing takes a turn for the Arctic winter when ice fishing takes over as a state entertainment time. In the Great Northern Woods, bitter cold temperatures in the winter leave most lakes and ponds topped with a foot or more of ice. And while most ponds are a fair game for ice fishing, certain places defined as trout ponds or dedicated to the fly fishing area are prohibited. For a crash course in the sport, consider fishing and playing in New Hampshire “Poyda fishing,” which offers classes on ice fishing in January and February.

Dog sleds

Iditarod on the brain, but a trip to Alaska isn’t entirely on the radar? Do not worry. You can get your porridge on – and get eye level with Alaskan scales in the snow – during the New Hampshire dog sled tour; there are tours in the White Mountains near the border with Maine. Both Sunny Grange Bed and Breakfast offer a package where you can learn the practicalities of mastering and securing dogs before heading out into the woods for a 5, 5-mile run.

Snow pipes

Most Alpine ski resorts in New Hampshire offer snow tubes for those who want the feeling of downhill – without skiing or snowboarding; At Loon Mountain, you can make your handset run under the moonlight. And the Great Glen Trails, just off the Mountain Washington Auto Road, is an excellent place to go with the whole family; there is no climb to ride. It is an easy walk along a very convenient pipeline.

Mount Washington Gear Rail

Skiing is not necessary for a near peak on New Hampshire’s highest mountain, Mount Washington. Mount Washington Cog Railroad uses a coal-fired steam locomotive to take riders to New Hampshire’s highest peak; imagine climbing the stairs on board a train, and you have an idea of ​​how the ride feels. While the train doesn’t run to the absolute top during the winter months, you’ll reach Kroflite Camp at 4,100 feet, just below the tree line. Be sure to bring a camera and a dress for the items – there is an observation deck on high, with a panoramic view.

New Hampshire, Mount Washington Railroad

In 1857, a man named Sylvester Marsh climbed Mount winter wonderland, New Hampshire. Washington when he got the idea to build a railroad up the mountain. He invested $ 5,000 of his own money to fund the world’s first ski cog railway. Today, Mt. The Washington Railway is the second-fastest railroad in the world.

Winter festivals

Talking about higher education: Dartmouth University began what would become a state winter tradition when the first winter carnival was held in 1911 in New Hampshire. Floats and many singers; other winter carnivals are held throughout the state in January and February in cities such as Franconia, Laconia, Keane, and Somersworth and the Valley of Mount Washington.

On the Foodie Trail of New Hampshire

Fireside with fodder filling is an excellent place to find you after a hard day on the hill. winter wonderland and New Hampshire, with its rural roots and affinity for farmers’ markets, don’t want to when it comes to gastronomic moments. Join the Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm and Tamworth Farm, where your oven is an open hearth. The menu is made from locally grown ingredients (baked breadcrumbs and maple syrup bread pudding are some delicious dishes). Drugs that you can pick up) for a comfortable New Hampshire-style meal, starts your day with buckwheat scallops with blueberries at the legendary Polly Pancake Salon in Sugar Mountain. And for enophiles, Seacoast Winter Wine Festival in New Castle is one of New England’s finest wine collections, with cooking demonstrations and indulgent winemakers’ dinners – warming you up just by thinking about a winter wonderland.