Spend Christmas: In the sun winter on the beach.

Winter on the beach: 11 destinations to spend Christmas in the sun

Getting away from the cold for a few days in the middle of winter can be a great plan for many. If your idea of ​​a perfect spend Christmas includes walks by the sea, coconut trees, and hours in the sun instead of snowmen, nougat, and scarves, take a look at this list of 11 paradisiacal destinations where you can escape to spend a winter in the beach.

Canary Islands

Let’s start with our little national paradise: the Canary Islands. From infinite beaches to secluded coves where you will enjoy the sea almost exclusively: in just a few hours by plane from the peninsula, the Canarias archipelago will transport you to summer without leaving the country; The big advantage Well, you’re still in Spain, so you can eat nougat and polvorones, or have the twelve grapes on New Year’s. But, yes, on the beach and with warmth.

Spend Christmas


Although when thinking of Morocco only excursions through the desert comes to mind, the truth is that our neighboring country has a large extension of coastline bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean that will guarantee you a few days of good weather. From walks among the charming white houses of Asia to a multitude of water sports on the beaches of Agadir and Essaouira, or a good swim on the beaches of Rabat, the most visited by Moroccans, here it will not be difficult to find the plan you are looking for. A special spend Christmas.


You may travel to Dubai never have figured in your plans as a destination for the holidays. If so, we invite you to read this article where we make a list of six reasons to spend Christmas there; Not only are the temperatures much more pleasant than in midsummer, but you will also have the opportunity to combine beach days with excursions to the desert or afternoons shopping. But what will leave you an indelible memory will be the great party that is organized in the New Year. What is a better background setting for fireworks than the spectacular Burj Khalifa?


Does that idyllic image of cabins and walkways built directly on turquoise waters sound familiar to you? Well, yes, the Maldives islands are one of the destinations where that image will stop being a dream and become a reality. In addition to spending hours and hours relaxing in a hammock and contemplating the infinite sea, here you can also enjoy exquisite cuisine. And, if you dare, why not take advantage of the crystal clear waters to explore the seabed by snorkeling or scuba diving.


A little further east is Singapore, another destination where spending Christmas will be quite an experience. This surprising city-state is a real shock to the senses: the paradisiacal beaches of Sentosa Island will give you the dose of sun you need, while the mix of cultures and flavors and the extravagant architecture of the city will give you unforgettable moments. In addition, if you feel like spending a movie on New Year’s Eve, the great party held in Marina Bay will meet all your expectations.


Known as “the island of the gods”, Bali is a safe bet if you are looking for a mix of relaxation and culture. This Indonesian island is a favorite destination for yoga practitioners, but Bali offers so much more: rice fields arranged in terraces that look like something out of a postcard, infinity pools in the middle of the jungle, or by the sea, countless resorts, and health centers. Wellness and thousands of temples await you on this magical island. And, of course, a lot of beautiful beaches that will make you disconnect even more.

Dominican Republic

If there is a quintessential destination that attracts the sun and beach lovers, that is the Caribbean. And the Dominican Republic occupies one of the top positions among travelers’ favorites. The white sand and turquoise waters of its beaches full of palm trees that move swayed by the sea breeze and the fantastic climate that it enjoys throughout the year (even more pleasant in winter, when there is less humidity) make a trip to the Dominican Republic is the perfect option to spend Christmas in the sun.


This Southeast Asian country has become in recent years one of the most popular destinations in this area of ​​the world. And the reasons are not lacking. With the mix of interesting culture, delicious cuisine and myriad islands full of greenery, Thailand is a choice that rarely disappoints. The islands of the Andaman Sea, such as Phuket or Koh Lanta, are excellent destinations for this time of year, but December is generally a good month to visit the south of the country. Are you already imagining yourself in one of the typical Thai boats eating pad Thai?


Located in the Indian Ocean, the Republic of Mauritius is a tropical island that offers a perfect combination of beaches, nature, relaxation, and adventure. With a mild climate throughout the year, it is clear that the beautiful white sand beaches are the great strength of the island. But it is also an ideal destination for hiking trails and discovering its lush vegetation or practicing water sports. By the way, December is precisely one of the best months to dive on the island, so now you know!


With more than 7000 islands and a tropical climate, the Philippine archipelago is a true paradise for those seeking sun and beach vacations. From more tourist destinations like Siargao, which is the favorite option among surfers, to lesser-known islands like Camiguín, with its jungle vegetation and imposing waterfalls, or Port Barton, with its wonderful beaches, the Philippines has a lot to offer. In addition, the dry season begins in December, so Christmas can be an ideal time to visit the country.


We finished this list by jumping to the American continent to land on this famous Caribbean island. Did you know that Christmas was prohibited in Cuba for almost three decades? Luckily for you, today it is celebrated again, so you will be able to learn about Cuban traditions and try its most famous Christmas recipes if you decide to travel at this time of year. We already know that your idea was to escape the cold in search Getting away from the cold for a few days in the middle of winter can be a great plan for many. If your idea of ​​a perfect spend Christmas includes walks by the sea, of sun and sea, so do not worry, because the country offers a wide range of spectacular beaches with crystal clear waters that you will not want to leave, such as the famous Varadero beach or the Esmeralda beach.

Now that you know that you have so many magical options to live a real summer in the middle of spend Christmas, what are you waiting for to book your next trip?