Camouflage Bedding

Camouflage Crib Bedding

When planning the décor of a baby’s room, camouflage bedding doesn’t automatically come to mind. Expectant parents may consider various themes with animals, sports, cartoons, or other typical baby styles, but seldom think about a pattern so unusual as camouflage.

But a quick perusal of the internet will result in a profusion of sites that offer several variations on this bold but trendy design, both for boys and girls. It’s cute and adorable without being frilly, and parents or gift-givers who are looking for something out of the ordinary may find this bedding to be a perfect expression of the baby’s family interests.

Forest patterns and styles are available for those with an interest in hunting or outdoor activities, as well as traditional themes for families who are involved in the military. Both types come in a wide range of colors. For boys, there are classic khaki shadings as well as blues and greens. Bedding for girls runs more along pink or pastel themes. Most bedding sets have additional accessories that can be added to complete the bedroom ensemble, such as lamps, wall hangings, and other decorative objects.

camouflage bedding

Blue and Khaki Camo Camouflage Crib Bedding

But as with anything that is bought for a baby, trendy and adorable take a back seat to function and safety. Everything should be checked for quality workmanship before being used and should meet basic safety standards, which can be found on the internet. If the set has soft, plushy pieces included, they should never be placed in the crib while the baby is present. Check the size of the bumper pads to be sure they will fit completely around the interior of the crib. They should have a minimum of six straps to secure them and any extra strap length should be removed.

Camouflage coloring has an added benefit for babies. There has been scientific research done that shows that babies can see different colors as young as nine weeks and are attracted to contrasting patterns and bright colors. Decorating with the bold design of camouflage can hold a baby’s attention and help them explore their visual senses. It’s a benefit for fathers as well, who may want something

Less frilly than traditional baby fashion; Decorating with camouflage is cute but more unique than a sports or cartoon theme.

Pink and Khaki Camo Military Camouflage Crib Bedding

Prices for camouflage crib bedding are comparable to standard crib bedding. It has become a popular style, and most customer reviews for this product were positive overall. So, whether a family is looking to express their military connections, or display their enjoyment of the outdoors, or just want something that’s different from the norm, camouflage crib bedding will surround their little one with interesting designs and fit nicely into the family’s personal style and budget.