Butterfly Crib Bedding

Butterfly Crib Bedding

When the announcement was made that a little girl it would be, your mind flashed to everything pink and how you were going to make her nursery complete. You thought of castles and princesses, because everyone does. You dreamed of flowers and butterflies and knew you could settle for nothing less. The idea simply thrilled you, and now you’re on a mission to buy the most charming butterfly crib bedding any eye has ever seen.

Guess what? You are in luck. Butterfly crib bedding might actually be one of the most popular bedding choices for a baby girl’s nursery. What mommy of a little girl wouldn’t adore a room of pink and yellow, purple and green, filled with butterflies floating across the walls and everything else in sight? Without fail, “adorable” comes to mind, and that is exactly the goal you want to accomplish.

Butterfly crib bedding, due to its popularity, is extensive in color. For those who love everything pink, you will have all you need. Those who love purple will also be satisfied. Even the lovers of blue and green, yellow and orange, and black and white can find butterfly-covered sets for the nursery! Butterflies come in all sorts of colors, and it would appear that their crib bedding does too.

Your butterfly crib bedding can be made from many materials. Be sure to choose one that is both healthy and practical. Many a set of butterfly bedding is made from silk or something equally luxurious. Consider that your baby girl will be sleeping underneath the quilt, next to the crib bumper, and near the pillow. You don’t want a fabric that is too difficult or pretty to clean.

Organic fabric tops the list of healthy options but can be expensive, meaning the practicality is not the best. Unless you plan to use the crib bedding numerous times, a cheaper option is always better. Your little girl need not be a picky princess in the fabric of her sheets from an early age.

Perhaps one of the reasons why moms-to-be adore butterfly crib bedding so much is that there are endless possibilities of designs. Some designs of blankets and bumpers are classic, while others are simply cute. Some are more modern and bold, while others are mild, babyish, and beautiful.

For those who love simple decorating, most butterfly crib bedding also has other connecting decorating elements. Window curtains, rocking-chair covers, wall decals and borders, diaper bags, changing table covers, and mobiles are just a few of the extras decked out in the butterflies of your choice. The reality is that, wherever you turn, you will be seeing butterflies.

As you await the arrival of your baby girl, feel free to continue to dream of butterflies and pink. Give your dreams wings with butterfly crib bedding. In a few weeks, you will sit in this nursery holding a little girl who will enjoy a well-decorated, butterfly-covered room for many years to come. Like so many moms, you are making a good decorating choice!